May 7, 2021

GoSquared all-in-one growth software review: Features, pricing and alternatives

Gosquared all-in-one growth software review

Getting visitors to your website is hard. Converting them to a customer is even more challenging. You spend all your money on marketing to drive traffic to your website, but it is hard to understand who your visitors are and why they are not converting. If you want to convert more visitors into leads and win customers faster, using GoSquared is the right option. GoSquared assistant understands and tracks the behavior of the visitors on your site. Their lead analytics proactively build a separate profile for every visitor. Along with that, it also indicates where those visitors have come from and what they are interested in viewing on your website.

Based on their behavior, you can be smarter about when to engage with visitors, so you can start the conversion at the right time in the proper context with no lead forms necessary. The dashboard of GoSquared can be accessed on a single dashboard and is simple to read. Are you ready to learn more about GoSquared? Let’s get into it!

James Gill GoSquared

A picture of the CEO and founder of GoSquared

The name of GoSquared and James Gill is inseparable. He is the CEO and the founder of this software. He founded GoSquared back in 2006 along with two of his school friends who made real-world success.
According to the founder, they did not start this software in today’s form as it was an inspiration from the million-dollar homepage. According to the founder, it looks awful, so they started GoSquared. They started their blog to create an audience and community. James Gill GoSquared provides live chats for the audience and generates profit for the business.

GoSquared pricing

GoSquared offers a free trial on its every plan. There are three plans, and each plan has its own importance and features. For a free plan, you have to create a free account to get access.

Its early-stage plan starts from $29 per month, which includes Winning Analytics, ultimate Access to customer intelligence and live messages, etc. The third plan’s name is a Suite which is starting from $79 per month. It is the most famous pricing plan among all, which includes all the features.

A screenshot of GoSquared pricing

Features of GoSquared

There are 100+ features offering by GoSquared which you need to improve and understand your website with no complexities. GoSquared assistant feature captures a lead, and it enriches their profile to see what your customer is looking in your site. In this way, your sales team can have a tailored conversion right from the get-go and convert customers faster.

Real-time analytics help you visualize and verify your marketing effort. So you can see what campaign is driving the most traffic, what channel is more effective, and optimize your spending. You can track your progress and keep everyone up to date on all the new leads with their conversion reports.

Some more features include language detection, team sharing, live chat, real-time analytics, visitor list, map views, traffic sources, email reports, visitor journey data, Downtime Alerts, real-time website metrics, Real-time Twitter Search, etc.

A screenshot of GoSquared pricing

GoSquared vs. Google Analytics

GoSquared helps you get nearer to clients at every stage of your journey. Their mission is to provide companies easy entry to track their visitors, clients, and customers so that they can bring together personal, splendid relationships, analyze typical usual overall performance, and efficaciously scale their businesses. Usually, customers use GoSquared for their personal websites and online businesses.

Add a new revenue channel to your website. GoSquared online chat can help you capture more important clues and win customers by starting a conversation and providing answers immediately. You can build relationships, collect feedback, and award the world’s first-class customer carrier. You can automatically translate messages between your team and potential customers so that you can speak any language fluently. GoSquared customer data center can provide you with a clear grasp of each potential customer, so you can effortlessly capture the customers.

Google Analytics is the most sophisticated reporting tool on the market, and the best part is that it is free. Their agency actively manages Google Ad campaigns for our clients (Search, Display, and YouTube TrueView). Google Analytics collects the data when we build websites that help to improve our campaigns. The best thing about Google Analytics is that it can be installed easily and integrated into customer relationship management. Google Analytics helps you view website traffic analytics, segment audiences, track events that help you increase conversions. The conversion tracking reporting helps you to show return on investment on advertisement spend via Google analytics. Moreover, tag campaigns can help you improve your marketing campaigns.


  • Real-time trends and statistics
  • Real-time Analytics Dashboard
  • Customer analytics
  • Understanding users
  • E-Commerce Analytics
  • Provide product engagement
  • Easy to process and understand
  • Easily and quickly view past data


  • Archive data
  • The E-commerce feature is costly
  • It does not cover conversion funnels, correlating data.

GoSquared Shopify

GoSquared is integrated with Shopify. Now you can use the GoSquared feature by installing GoSquared in Shopify. The GoSquared Shopify has multiple features including live and trending analytics, live chat, E-commerce dashboard, and People CRM.

A representation of gosquared and shopify together

GoSquared competitors

These are all the competitors of GoSquared. It is essential to talk about competitors so one can understand the reliability and authenticity of the related thing, so first, we are going to discuss Drift.


Through Drift, people can conveniently buy different products from your business setup via one-to-one interaction. After connecting Drift with your website, it will provide you with the best conversational marketing platform. In Drift, there are various bots available, which can ultimately lead to better customer service and support. Those bots can be helpful in booking more meetings for the sales team. The good news, Drift is also offering a free trial for new users.


Identify, improve and understand the metrics that drive your online business. Kissmatrics actionable indicators can provide you with more information than just what happened.

It helps to build product teams, and marketers increase conversions, retention, and engagement. Its price starts from $299 per month.

Adobe Analytics

Another powerful tool for your enterprise and company is Adobe Analytics. This tool offers customer-friendly navigation and interface. The Wonderful part of this tool is you can quickly get a thorough insight into your data.
It has many excellent functions, such as predictive analysis, web analysis, and marketing analysis. They also offer the option of exporting reports in pdf format. The user can fully control the data through the management area. You can customize the report. It supports data cleaning. Its pricing starts from $100 per year, and there is no free trial available.


Pendo is a tool of product analytics that helps software companies build products that are connected with customers. Pendo captures product utilization patterns and consumer feedback and lets you speak in-app to onboard, train, and inform customers to value. Pendo will cost you $25 to $30 per month. Moreover, it also offers a free trial.


Mixpanel helps corporations deeply recognize consumer conduct and drive smart motion with the leading person analytics solution. You can create a graph quickly with a few clicks and points in Mixpanel.

Their UI is also well designed and relatively snappy. The best thing about this tool is that its free version has the capacity of tracking up to 100k users. Its pricing starts from $25 per month.


Those companies who want or have strong relations with customers should use the intercom. The intercom lets you have personalized communication with each customer, allowing you to give real-time answers and automated messaging. It has four plans, and its pricing starts from $59 per month to $999 per month.


Looker is an app that discovers innovative data exploration functionalities for any kind of business. Looker offers custom pricing according to your company’s requirements.
The interface of Looker is user-friendly and easy to use. Looker provides you with team support to answer your queries.


If you are looking for building such software which can enhance customer experience and client-customer relationships, then Zendesk is the right choice. Their software is flexible and powerful and covers all types of businesses. Its features include geo-targeting third-party integration, proactive chat, canned responses, offline form, and Screen Sharing. Its pricing starts from $5 per month.


GoSquared is a multifunctional software platform that can help you grow your business. The GoSquared platform can help you turn website visitors into loyal customers and provide a complete set of products to connect with customers throughout the journey. With GoSquared, you can understand how effective your online marketing is, proactively contact anonymous website visitors. So, stop wasting your visitors and start working with Gosquared.

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