May 15, 2021

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which is the better one

The comparison between google ads vs. facebook ads

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads have their own merits and should be viewed with a more holistic approach towards lead conversion. No realistic marketing campaign can achieve maximum efficiency with only one approach, since both platforms offer their own means of unlocking new audiences. Yet many advertisers continue to view Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads, rivals that are in direct competition with one another.

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: The differences

This idea has created a lot of confusion among individuals who are new to online advertising. Many businesses can be seen taking advantage of both platforms to achieve maximum visibility with the audience, increase leads and sales, find new customers and create viral marketing campaigns that are customized with the capability of each platform. When the two advertisement platforms are used together, their cumulative effect increases the rate of return on advertising expenditure.

But what are the differences between Google AdWords and Facebook Ads?

It is more sensible to look for the key differences that set both platforms apart before searching for their strengths.

Google AdWords: PPC marketing campaign

Google AdWords has become the world’s largest PPC advertising platform. Its widespread usage has almost made it synonymous with the term “paid search”. Many advertisers aren’t really aware of Bing Ads even though it works in a similar way.

Paid search works by targeting specific keywords and creating text-based advertisements. Advertisers use AdWords to bid on keywords. The term ‘keyword’ itself could either be a singular word or a conglomerate of words (phrases) jumbled together. Every time a user searches for any particular keyword, ads associated with the keyword are triggered in the hopes that the user clicks on them.

The advertiser is then charged a certain amount of money based on the number of clicks, this whole idea coined the phrase, “pay per click” advertising.

Facebook Ads: Paid social media marketing

Facebook Ads are an example of utilizing social networks. Since Facebook has grown to acquire the highest number of monthly active users (MAUs), it makes sense to advertise on its platform. It can lend an element of competitiveness to your business and bolster its overall digital advertisement strategy.

So what is the difference again?

Both Facebook and AdWords are similar, in the sense that they promote businesses via the internet. Paid search helps businesses find new customers via keywords. Paid social media marketing helps users find businesses based on their online behavior and what generally interests them.

Rephrased another way: AdWords helps your business find new customers, Facebook helps the customers find you.

Having become the most widely used search engine, Google should always be your go-to platform for online advertising. The search giant is powerful enough to satisfy more than 3.5 billion search queries in a 24 hour period. Tapping even one percent of these search queries can allow advertisers to access an unprecedented amount of users who are actively searching for products.

Facebook Ads on the other hand has been continuously refining and improving its advertisement solutions for businesses. Having more than 1.55 billion monthly active users, Facebook provides your business access to one-fifth of the world’s population. Google’s own offering, Google+ services pale in comparison.

Given their relative strengths, it makes sense to use each platform to maximize your ROI for greater business growth.

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