May 26, 2021

What kind of Facebook ad optimization can suit your needs

Ways on how to do Facebook ad optimization

There are a few differences between ads on social media and ads on Google. One of those differences is in the traffic they create for you. Those users who click on Google ads are at a greater level of readiness and actively want to buy. Users on social media, especially on Facebook, are not at that level of readiness to buy. They’re more interested in browsing through the available offerings and take significantly longer in making their buying decision. That’s why you need to treat your Facebook ad optimization differently.

Here’s how you can optimize your Ads for Facebook users

After you decide on how you’re going to reach your users with Facebook ads the next step is to make sure that they are optimized in order to maximize your ROI.

Take them on a journey

You need to take your potential customers through the experience of your product instead of just concentrating on the purchase. A Facebook campaign with the sole purpose of getting the user to purchase will do poorly on Facebook.

Instead, an ad campaign on Facebook with engaging content (such as a video) will make a greater impact on your users and take them through to the purchase eventually.

Create a fun and meaningful video post that engages your ideal customers and allows them to connect with you. Next, monitor the post for effectiveness, tweaking it until your engagement goals are achieved (for instance, a fun video with 2-4k views on Facebook).

Then, you will need to have a campaign for conversion set up for those who watched the video a quarter or half of the way through.

These are likely to be the leads that have seen your message. This, according to research, increases the likelihood of their conversion compared to cold, disengaged traffic.

The above was an example of a journey through an engagement funnel for your potential customer. Similarly, you can set other primary objectives of your Facebook Ad campaign, that lead to the sale.

Match your ad to your target audience

Ensuring you’re delivering your message to the right audience is essential for some of the best ads to be created. The success of your Facebook Ad campaign depends on it. Facebook Audience Insight is a great tool that allows you to define your target audience for the Ad campaign you’re starting from scratch. It’s great, especially if you’re unsure of exactly who they are.

The top three filters to apply are age, location, and gender. Fine-tune the search results with their interests to collect better info about their likes and dislikes. You can find out about the activities they enjoy, purchasing behavior, what kind of pages they identify and connect with, or even the household income range in which they lie.

Even smaller conversion campaign tests need around a million active users. And this is the ideal target audience after narrowing them down. Save the ideal audience by using Power Editor when you believe you’ve found it.

Exposure and frequency

These two things are incredibly important. Your ideal target audience will recall ads that they see more than once. But overexposure to the Facebook ad will diminish their interest in the ad and lead to increased costs for you.

You need to add a cap to the number of times your ad is displayed in your ad report and monitor how costs are affected by it. Reset and refresh your audience when costs start to rise after audience saturation. Duplicate your ad set and add new targets when you see your cost per target increase dramatically after 1.7 times of ad repetition.

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