May 22, 2021

Top 7 leadership tips for effective management

7 tips for effective management

An influential and inspirational leader is what an organization needs for running a successful business. When you are in a high-rank position, then you need to show your leadership skills and manage your team more effectively. Effective leadership is a combination of your practical and personal skills. A good leader uses these skills together and creates a positive atmosphere in which his/her team feels motivated and valued to work towards the accomplishment of your company’s goals. Being an effective leader means being a leader of you with being a leader of people. Effective management can’t be taught in the classrooms but can be learned with good practices. Here, you will learn the top 7 leadership tips for effective managing.

Foolproof Leadership tips for impeccable management

People are different: We all have different needs, personalities, drivers, values, beliefs, interests, motivations, feelings, and experiences. We see things and interpret things differently. The list could go on. These differences create challenges that managers face when managing people on a daily basis. These differences create challenges when we interact with and work with people.

Spend time with each person on your team to understand and know them

Ask them these questions:

  • What interests you about your job?
  • What do you like and dislike about it and the reasons?
  • What would you like more of? (you are not promising that you will give them more of this particular aspect, however, if tasks/projects/activities do come up that you can delegate, then having this information will help you. 
  • What do you see as your key strengths and the reasons?
  • How do you like to be managed/what do you need from me.

Managing people is a skill. It can take time and energy to develop strong skills in people management. Sometimes, in fact, quite often, it does not come easy.

Get results through your people

  • As a manager, you need your people more than they need you!
  • You only succeed when they succeed!

Therefore, you need motivated and engaged staff. You must create an environment that will create a motivated and engaged staff. Your skills in managing people will determine how successful you are.

Stop blaming your team

  • They are not
  • They have no interes
  • They are difficult/ awkward

If you hear yourself saying this, stop and start asking yourself.

  • What could be causing them to behave like this?
  • What I am doing or not doing that is causing those behaviors?
  • What could the reasons be that they are not showing any interest?

5 don’ts for effective managing

Don’t threaten people

If a manager uses intimidation and threats, then it shows that he/she is a weak leader. A good leader knows how to avoid a toxic work environment that encourages his team to engage with purpose and energy. You can discuss the accountabilities of your employees, either positive or negative, without making threats.

Don’t demand to achieve impossible

If you want to manage your team effectively, don’t force your staff to do something which is impossible to achieve because your head pushed it onto you. You need to negotiate with your head to manage his demands and commit to great results. Then support your team to meet your ultimate goal and even exceed the commitments.

Don’t ask your team to do anything unethical

As a leader, it is your responsibility that doesn’t put your team in a situation where they do anything unethical. Don’t ask your employees to fudge a report, shoddy work, mislead people, and ignore a defect. Always make them feel good and stand by them. Create a positive working environment where they do excellent work.

Don’t spy on your employees

Don’t spy on your employees by using cameras or other special equipment to make sure they are not violating policies and doing what they are supposed to do. Always nurture trust and commitment. You should deal with violations but don’t throw your employee into jail because of his/her negligence.

Don’t lie

You need to be transparent and don’t distort the truth. Don’t keep your employees in the dark; let them know. When you have concerns or are worried about meeting deadlines, discuss them with your team.

Top 7 leadership tips for effective managing

Be transparent

When you create a transparent and positive working environment at the workplace, it helps to make your team happy creative, and accountable. A transparent environment helps to develop a sense of mutual respect between you and your staff. If you encourage open communication and a transparent workplace environment, it helps to feel secure in your employees in their positions. In turn, your employees feel free to enhance creativity and contribute suggestions and ideas. 

Maintain good communication

Effective communication is vital in life and in the workplace. Make sure that they‘re heard and understood. Moreover, it is essential that make yourself accessible to your staff. If you want to make the most of communication, encourage feedback and make them feel that they can approach you to address any issue. 

Acknowledge good work

Don’t become one of those team leaders who only give feedback when they get something wrong to criticize. Acknowledge good work and give positive feedback to your employees. Positive feedback encourages them to get more involved and build their confidence. So it is important to acknowledge the efforts and achievements they are putting in. it encourages creativity and helps the employees to do more hard work in the future.

Delegate jobs to the right people

Accessing the strengths and weaknesses of your team is also vital. A leader should establish a good relationship with every team member, know them individually and assess their strengths. Employees perform better when they are being engaged in such tasks where they employ their best skills. So delegating jobs to the right people make a huge impact and increase the productivity of your team. 

Empowers others

Always empowers others by developing their capabilities and skills through training and education. A good leader brings a great career path to his/her employees that help them develop and grow. You should make personal development and employee career your priority. By doing so, your team members feel that their manager cares about their career growth. That is what every employee needs from their work. So, empowering others and developing new stars should be your number one job. 

Creates a positive environment

You must create a positive environment in which employee experience recognition and they are motivated to work harder to achieve your business goals. If you manage your team effectively, it will make your team happier at work. Interaction with your employees is also very important as it will set a tone for your workplace. If you can’t interact with them daily, make sure to interact with them regularly.

Be emotionally aware

As it is advised that you need to keep your emotions separate from the business, but business is all about relationships between two people. So you should be emotionally intelligent to make this relationship last longer. You need to be sensitive to different backgrounds. Use your head and have a heart when making decisions about what is best for your business. 

Do not micromanage

Employees with great managers are more productive and happier. The successful leader doesn’t try to impose anything. If you are the reason behind your team’s success, you might feel that you have to guard everything. Micromanaging can destroy the initiatives of your team and damage the motivation of your employee.

4 Key attributes of a good leader

There are some key attributes that a good leader has:

Having a vision and communicating it

Having a vision is one of the best qualities of a great manager. Conveying your mission and vision to others can help to orient your work. That’s why it is essential to know how to convey your vision. Having a vision and communicating it is what makes any manager a good leader. 

Take right decisions at the right time

The art of decision-making is the key requirement for managers. The results of his/her decision can be the reason for the team’s success and failure. So, it is essential to make the right decision at the right is key. If you don’t take it at the right moment, then it is equal to making the wrong decision.

Showing managerial courage

Managerial courage is one of the best qualities that a manager could have because he/she is the one that needs to face every problem. They also make difficult decisions and should be responsible for what they do.

Showing leadership and inspiring others

Inspiring others and showing leadership is another key attribute of a good leader. A leader has the ability to influence the people, and he/she guides the people towards a goal while having a relationship of mutual trust. A manager should take command, encourage team motivation and engagement, having a vision, and obtain the collaboration of the team with the main company’s goal in mind all the while.

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