May 13, 2021

The Most On-Demand Digital Skills To Have

The most on-demand digital skills to have

In this digital era, all organizations and tech companies have realized that digital skills are very important. So, it is vital than ever that you have soft skills with hard skills. That’s why; recruiters are looking for candidates who have a wider skill set, especially digital skills. We have compiled a list of the most in-demand digital skills that candidates must have to stand out in the current job market for today and in the coming years. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

Digital business analysis

Digital business analysis helps businesses make the right decisions by applying the various analysis techniques and providing the independent mindset to make a considerable business case for the investment. There is no doubt digital transformation is vital for all organizations in the digital economy, and digital business analysis has become the most demanding skill to have on your resume. When it comes to digital transformation projects, business analysis is at the foundation of it. Organizations can develop a digital ecosystem with digital business analysis that helps them drive more business growth.

UX/UI design

UX/UI design has been around for decades, but the spans of users’ attention continue to decline. So, user experience has become more important than ever. It is not all about the visually appealing interface and navigation for the users, but it has become more of an analytical and creative role in the current dynamic that relies more on data as compared to insights.

These days, UX designers should think across all platforms because the journey of modern customers as a shopper spans multiple platforms. So, it is vital to deliver a constant digital customer experience across all platforms to ensure a good shopping experience.

Web and app development

The story of the future is indeed written in codes. Coding is the central part of any digital service or technical product. That’s why the demands for the experienced back end, full-stack, and front end developers have not been declined for years.

The app and web developers use multiple languages such as JQuery, MySQL, code igniter, PHP/JavaScript, bootstrap, and Angular. These skills are featured in the top skills by the recruiters on LinkedIn. Either it is virtual reality or augmented reality, coding is crucial for all kinds of emerging technologies. Coding provides the foundation skills to the augmented and virtual reality developers that are needed to develop the next generation of augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Digital design and data visualization

It is either a website or an app; both have one thing in common: a user interface. A designer who has good experience in creating effective and dynamic user experiences can get a dream job with the most demanding tech companies. The designers can visualize the data that further help the businesses to make the best possible business decisions. This skill is called data visualization, which is useful for c-level executives to gain deep and valuable insights from the data. There are some tools that include power BI and Tableau that designers use for digital design and data visualization.


Blockchain has become the highly demanded technology in today’s digital world, but the small number of people who master that skill in the current job market. Blockchain technology was created ten years ago for the use of cryptocurrency. Now, it offers a lot of advantages on many other fronts. For instance, it is used to authorize, store and transfer digital information and data over the web. A lot of industries are taking advantage of blockchain technology, and mastering the skills could help job seekers and open up many career opportunities in these industries. These industries include insurance companies, startups, oil and gas, accountancy firms, and government departments that are asking Blockchain experts.

You can find various courses about the blockchain that are accessed through Coursera, udemy, edx, and other online learning platforms. All these online platforms cover the basics of blockchain. Moreover, IBM is also offering a course on blockchain technology that covers the essentials of this emerging technology. This course is available for free of cost. In this course, employees can learn how they can develop apps with chain code to solve business-related problems.

Curating and creating content

When it comes to boost your overall engagement and engage with your audience’s needs, curating and content creation play a vital role. It has become the leading skill in today’s digital sphere. Content creation is an essential skill that helps you stand out from the crowd. It helps you create videos, podcasts, blog posts, and infographics. If you are a new hire, understanding the importance of curating and creating engaging content and optimize it using keywords is the key. There are some good strategies that help you get better results in content creation, such as monitor social media news feeds, analyze data, and track the results.

Artificial intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the most demanding digital skill these days. It is changing the work sphere and making 2021 an exciting time for programmers. According to reports, the growth of hiring AI specialists has risen over 74 percent annually in the past five years. AI specialists have gotten the top positions on multiple job portals as Artificial Intelligence has gained huge popularity in recent years. Implementation of AI technology is the key agenda of over 31% of companies for the next 12 months. The user experience and data analysis are the two main use cases of the implementation of artificial intelligence.

Customer relationship management

In this digital era, customer relationship management or CRM has become integral in the business world as the business demands change every day. If you have a good knowledge of customer relationship management, you can apply for career opportunities in banking, e-commerce, finance, research, legal, insurance, and management consulting. Having such digital skill allow you earn huge bucks and more.

You need to understand the purchasing patterns, customer connections, and the basic know-how of its role by identifying the effective strategies for CRM in your industry.

Digital project management

The role of the project manager is to make sure that the required deliverables are delivered on budget and on time. The project manager is responsible for ensuring that all the projects are in compliance with business objectives. The digital project manager needs a technical understanding of design, technical interfaces, and programming as compared to the basic counterpart project manager.

Content marketing

There are many forms of content that include infographics, videos, blog posts, podcasts, and even Facebook or Twitter status updates. Content marketers spend their time running ad campaigns and optimizing keywords. Content is king, and without content, people have no way to understand how much benefit your services or products are. Furthermore, it is also vital to either driving your brand awareness or establishing your brand. That’s why it is important to understand that only creating the content is not enough; you need to optimize it by implementing a good strategy and creating content that is relevant to the keyword research.

SEO/SEM marketing

Businesses and companies have realized how important digital marketing is, and they are looking for people with good SEO or SEM marketing skills to increase their online presence. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are the most in-demand digital skills for good reasons, i.e., more website traffic and increased visibility. 

The increased company’s visibility means more website traffic that leads to high streams of conversions and generates more revenue.

Data Science and data analytics

Companies get the users’ data that can be valuable for them, and big data analysts can make sense of this data. These days, data science is the most in-demand technology that most employers need across the world. The leading job search website Glassdoor includes the data scientists in its best job listing. In this digital age, it is a great career path for data science. Their demand far outweighs supply make them highly employable in the current job market. Data science has become a minimum requirement for manager-level job positions, so learning data science will help you ahead of the curve.

Photo and video editing

In the digital workforce, video and photo editing are the hottest digital skills that are essential in advertising, journalism, marketing, and other fields in media. In the context of social media content creation, photos and videos have risen to the forefront, and recruiters are looking for candidates who have good photo and video editing skills to boost their engagement. There are a lot of tools that help you master your photo editing skills, such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and other photo editing software. The Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie are the best tools to sharpen your video editing skills.


It is essential to grasp digital skills when it comes to digital transformation in the current job market or workforce. Either you are hoping to advance in your field or navigate your next career endeavor, these digital skills help you stand out from the rest.

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