May 7, 2021

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: Which Is Better?

The marketing budget is important, not for small businesses but for large enterprises too. But the most important thing is to spend your marketing budget in a way that helps you to make the most out of it. How do you know where to spend your marketing budget? Making the right decision is not easy when it comes to digital marketing vs. traditional marketing? Both marketing types offer different results that can make a huge impact in order to grow your business. In this guide, you will learn about the purpose of each and its pros and cons to help you decide which one is best for your business.

What is digital marketing?

Basically, digital marketing is internet marketing with SMS, WebTV, and Digital Ads.

Marketing processes that make use of various digital channels in order to promote services or products or perhaps even to build a digital brand are broadly described as digital marketing. The constituting channels of digital marketing are inclusive of – Web sites, banners, email, social media, SEO, mobile marketing, SMS, PPC campaigns, Web TV virtually anything that uses digital methods. Most of the activities of internet marketing fall within the purview of digital marketing, and it is its main and single most important component.

Digital marketing is mainly consists of:

SEM or Search Engine Marketing 

SEM forms the basis of digital Marketing and is further sub-divided into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PSA or Paid Search Advertisement. To put it simply-

SEO or Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is the optimization of websites while keeping in mind higher search engine rankings and consists of Off-Page and On-Page SEO.


On the other hand, is about attracting visits by displaying ads on search engines. PPC or Pay Per Click happens to be the approach that is the most popular, and Google Adwords, with the use of which one gives ads on Google, and its partner network, happens to be the most popular tool.


A web presence whether it is a personal or corporate website or maybe even a blog on a platform like WordPress or Tumblr, is an absolute necessity these days.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

SMM is hot right now and is expected to be highly relevant in the years to follow. The time spent on social networks is worthy of viewing it as a major factor, and thus digital markers need to tap its potential to the fullest.

Content Marketing 

At one point in time in the past, SEO mainly stood for link building, but since the last decade, content marketing has held center stage. This ensures that quality content

will get you better rankings rather than dubious methods of link building.

Email Marketing 

No matter what some might opine email is still often the way to go to turn visitors and readers into customers. From the point of view of marketing, email marketing involves gathering email ids of people who may be interested in products or services rendered by you with the goal of sending them informing them of new offers or newsletters.

Mobile Marketing

More and more mobile devices are being used each day to make use of the internet. As a matter of fact, it is held that 30% of the traffic to a website comprises mobile visitors. Mobile marketing caters to this demographic by the creation of ads and content that may be viewed or is suitable for a mobile device.

Banner Advertising

Banners are present in almost all things related to the web. Promotion through different types of banners such as text, animated, static, videos, images, etc., is common among digital marketers.

Pros and cons of digital marketing


  • It has more customer engagement than traditional marketing you can easily measure results
  • The audience range is bigger
  • It is more effective and less expensive.


  • It takes more time than traditional marketing
  • It also creates negative reactions from the public.
  • Sometimes, it takes control out of your hands.
  • With digital marketing, you may have difficulty determining your return on investment.
  • It can also get lost in the ocean of other marketing campaigns.

What is traditional marketing?

This type of marketing uses traditional media such as TV and newspaper. It is not that marketing that is online. It can be done through broadcast, billboards, or other outdoor advertising, phone, print, and email. Either it is done using radio or newspaper, this type of marketing helps you reach your targeted audience. It is one of the oldest and most researched forms of marketing. Most marketers try this method because it is true and tried. We all encounter traditional marketing in our everyday lives, like TV ads, daily newspapers, or billboards. When it comes to reaching your local audience, it can play a vital role. If the ads are physical, you can keep them for a long period of time. Moreover, you can easily reach a wider audience through traditional marketing than digital marketing. Here are some most common traditional marketing strategies: 

Business cards 

If you want to spread your company information in no time, business cards are probably the quick way. 

Radio and TV ads 

Hundreds of thousands of people watch TV and tune in to the radio every single day. So, you can promote your product or services through TV ads and radio.

Flyers and brochures 

Flyers and brochures can capture the attention of your target audience. The vibrant colors are used to design the flyers and brochures that convey your brand’s message. Moreover, readers can easily remember the images that you use.

Billboards and signage 

The best way to advertise your product or business is by using signage and billboards. It can attract the daily commuters, drivers and other people walking around the city.

Direct mail 

This strategy is used to spread awareness of a specific service or product. The promotional printed pieces, including letters, postcards, and brochures, are delivered via email service.

Pros and cons of traditional marketing


  • Traditional marketing helps you reach target audience easily
  • It is easy to understand
  • It is physical marketing as compared to digital marketing
  • You can save hard copies


  • It comes with little interaction
  • It has no control over the timing
  • It is expensive than digital marketing
  • You may have difficulty in gathering data
  • It can’t be updated easily
  • It comes with limited customization options.

Marketing strategies for business growth

Penetration of Artificial Intelligence

AI solutions are aiding customers to navigate easily in the digital world. Analytics is the best way to know about the changing needs of the customers. Companies that have taken up ‘machine learning’ have seen remarkable growth in their revenues.

Speed is pivotal

Speedy communication is favored by the clients. Presently, they want it to be instant. What was once a desire has now become a necessity! Social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have come up in the chart of leading channels. Businesses that will communicate and deliver the fastest will have the edge over others.

Relevant content

The world already has a lot of content. It is just in need of relevant content. Digital marketing agenciesin the market suggest that all organizations should have a robust content marketing strategy. It is time to concentrate on the desires and problems of the consumers. One can address it best with the help of content. Produce something that customers will be able to relate to and comprehend easily. Google has penalized the content farms repeatedly; Panda and Fred’s updates testify the fact.

Presently customers are equipped with information. They research a lot before buying anything and make informed decisions. The big players in the market are aware of this; hence we can see that the entrepreneurs have turned into thought leaders. They are influencers who are delving into the thoughts of people. The future will see more specialization and more figures on the web taking deep dives into their subjects.

More thoughtful promotions and advertising

Generation Z is not at all satisfied with Interrupt Marketing, such as pop-up ads, large banner ads, and other messages that hinder web browsing and social media feed.

In 2021, more businesses will be focusing on how to increase brand awareness and promote products without being pushy. Content Marketing will be the ideal technique to opt for in the present situation. Businesses are trying to concentrate on customer experience and capturing their feedbacks diligently. They are taking their suggestions to improve the UX.

Customer Experience Supervision

Technology and customer trends are evolving; in the process, few things have remained constant. One in the list is, the customers feel special when their ideas and inputs are taken in well by the brands. Remember that customers are important, and their suggestions are valuable. You should try to address their demands properly. Try to understand how your customers are feeling after using your products or services. Try to employ as many methods as you can to learn about the desires of your customers. Get started to learn more about how digital marketing can help you reach more of the right customers now and in the future.

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