May 12, 2021

DeskTime automatic time tracking software review: Benefits and features

Desktime automatic time tracking software review

DeskTime app is designed to help you with your business. It is designed to increase the productivity of in-house and remote employees. This helps you to motivate your employees to perform the best.

Software for tracking time is a top-rated tool for monitoring the employees and tracking the time spent on getting the work done. Remote employers extensively use this kind of software to get an idea of the time spent on the tasks given to them. Since many contractors charge by the hour, this information is of tremendous importance as it is translated into billing. A good time tracker like DeskTime will ensure that the employers are fair to the clients. It also ensures that the clients are working diligently. Read on to learn more about DeskTime.

DeskTime provides excellent service for the clients; helps businesses to boost their employee’s productivity.

A time tracking software can be a great asset for you and your business. It can assist you in working more efficiently and lower cost and create an all-around good investment.

These days it is important to have the right software for your business; without it, you could be losing your edge in business, which your competitors might already have. This Time Tracking Software will help you keep your business running smoothly, how you intended, so you can work on the more important tasks at hand. They understand how much work is involved in running a business, so we want to help you automate as much of it as possible.

Why choose DeskTime

It helps to monitor work, follow plans, time usage, and everything you need to increase your employees’ productivity. It ensures that every employee is integrated with your company goals. Above all, it helps you keep track of your employees’ time, either online and offline working hours. It brings a significant improvement in businesses of all sizes due to its improved effectiveness.

Desktime key features

What is the one thing we can never get back? Time – our most precious resource is time. We believe that time is the most valuable asset an organization can have, and DeskTime holds the power to track, analyze, and ultimately save time. For most businesses, Time is money. This is why many see DeskTime as a money machine! The more time we help you save, the more money you have!

Effective time tracking

Time entries can be tracked by levels such as organization, project, and task. Admin users can make anyone (or all three) mandatory for a time entry!

A model of desktime time tracking feature

Accessible from anywhere on the web

If you have the Internet, you have access to DeskTime! Users can be anywhere on the web in the world and still utilize DeskTime for your organization’s time tracking needs. End-users will appreciate the ability to track time on the web from work, from home, and even when traveling!

Accessible from anywhere / Instant upgrades / Bug fixes

Stop worrying about persistent bugs or difficult upgrades to your software. DeskTime is hosted on servers and accessible from the web. They handle the upgrades at no additional cost to you.


Whether you have a single user or 1000, this time tracking software is scalable and is a perfect time tracking solution to grow with your organization! Its robust technology is very scalable and allows it to be your solution today and tomorrow.

Deploys instantly

This software is so easy that you can get started immediately. No complicated manuals or long training courses! Take charge and start saving time (and money) right now. 

Easy to use interface

Nobody likes tracking their time. That’s why DeskTime has a simple, easy-to-use interface for painless time tracking. See for yourself!

Quick ‘Add / Edit’ icons

Quickly add and edit information without any confusion. DeskTime’s simple interface makes it easy for users to instantly update old information.

Simple drop-down menus

DeskTime gives users simple drop-down menus to keep time entries consistent. By standardizing user selections, it provides better management reports.

Simple yet powerful reporting

If you want a simple way to review your organization’s time, then it has the reporting system you need. It makes it easy to create time reports based on date spans, organization, project, department, and even pre-defined categories.

A screenshot of desktime reporting feature

Assign idle gaps

This app shows you who is working, late, or slacking in real-time. You can assign work to your employees in idle time gaps.

A screenshot of desktime offline time tracking feature

Benefits of Desktime

Due to the amazing tools, they have at our disposal, today’s women can juggle home and work life effectively. It makes it easy for freelancers and large teams to keep track of time.

Better time management

Being easy to use, it shows you where your work hours are really spent, giving you the time to concentrate on what really matters.

Weekly reports

It can be configured to send weekly timesheets for your entire team straight to your inbox.

View beautiful reports for your monthly hours either as a spreadsheet, graph, or PDF. Save your timesheet reports or email them to your manager.

Easy timesheets

It helps you create timesheets quickly and painlessly. Your employees will be happy to have a time tracking system that’s easy and fun to use.

Virtual office software

Virtual Office Software and Project Management Software have been helping businesses worldwide manage the work and projects better. This software is also widely used by remote teams.

Many women have taken up entrepreneurship, and they make use of the advantages of virtual office software to get the work done and push the businesses further. Without these tools, it wouldn’t have been possible for women to find independence and an unfaltering link to their professions.

Empowering tool of the day

The main purpose of science and technology is human advancement. Today, networking and collaborative tools help professionals connect and work in sync no matter where they are located physically. These tools have greatly widened the market of remote work options

And women who stay at home to look after their children are greatly benefiting from these tools. It is because these tools let them work and stay active in the professional arena while they can stay at home according to their schedule and personal needs.

DeskTime vs. RescueTime

This is a very valid question that what better time tracking app is either RescueTime or DeskTime. When you compare both apps, you can easily analyze that which employee monitoring app is the suitable choice. You need to choose the one that is the more effective and productive product. When you will get down the nitty-gritty, check their pricing, plans they offer, available tools, and others. The reviewers gave 8.7 points out of 10 for quality, while the user satisfaction rate was 91%. On the other hand, reviewers gave 9.2 points to RescueTime for quality and 99% for user satisfaction.

How to connect my outlook to DeskTime

You can connect your outlook calendar to DeskTime, which remind you to log your offline time. When you sync your outlook calendar with DeskTime, all the events will be added to your DeskTime app’s productivity bar. 

To use this integration, go to your settings and enable the Calendar synchronization “checkbox” in it. Click on your account settings, and hit the option ‘team members’ then edit it. 

  • Hit the setting button and then click on integration.
  • You will find the outlook calendar integration and then press the ‘activate’ button.
  • Now log in to your Microsoft account and press ‘yes.’ By doing this, DeskTime access your account’s information, and you are all set.

How does DeskTime detect inactivity

If your employees have not been doing the activity for more than three minutes, then it will automatically detect it and go idle. You can increase the time period in the settings. Once the user does his work again, this tracking app will go online. 

How to reset data on DeskTime

You can reset settings for your employee and your whole team. Follow these steps to reset data on DeskTime:

  1. Go to the team member’s settings and hit the ‘reset button.’ Now your settings will be adjusted to the team settings you are in.
  2. For group settings, repeat the same process.
  3. Go to the account settings; hit the Reset button, and all the users will be aligned to these account settings.

However, you can reset data on the DeskTime tracking app, but this doesn’t mean that your desk time account will be reset to its default settings.

How can I disable DeskTime after it is downloaded on my computer

If you are a windows user, go to your desktop’s hidden icons or low taskbar, where this time tracking application icon is located. Now, click on this icon and hit the private time option. Follow the same instructions if you want to disable the ‘private time.’ Follow the same instructions if you want to disable the Private Time.

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