May 11, 2021

The Importance of Customer Contact

Customer Contact

Customer Contact

Customer contact is crucial to your business success.

The heartbeat of every business is indeed the customer. When you take your attention away from your customers and start focusing on other business-related things, then you become irrelevant. You should know when, how, why, and what you will communicate to your customers, enabling your company to concentrate on the need at each stage of the customer journey. So you should make time for your customer to foster relationships and do customer contact with a personal approach. This article will learn why frequent customer contact is important and how it plays a big part in your business success.

What is a customer contact

Customer contact is all about handling customer queries before, during, and after the purchase of your services or product, which helps the companies, improve customer relationships and increase their business growth. Businesses use many customer contact points to interact with their customers directly, such as telephone conversation, direct marketing, customer support, in-person communications, direct marketing, trade booths, and Internet-based interactions.

The importance of customer contact

The purpose of customer contact is to create the desired customer experience. It can be achieved by focusing on creating the best customer experiences, advocating for customers, what is best for them, and provide them with all the useful, insightful and relevant information they need regarding your services and products.

The more you speak, the more you will understand their business.

Customer contact is vital because you understand better what your customers need when you speak to your customers. The regular conversations with your customers let you make smart interventions and grabs appropriate opportunities. But you need to keep balance; plan the meeting or phone calls and ensure that they are not too frequent and seldom. 

Keeping your brand in their minds

According to a study conducted by American management firm Bain & Company, about 60 to 80% of satisfied customers don’t go shop or do business with the company that satisfied them. What’s the reason? 

Usually, it is due to poor communication. If you don’t make an effort to connect with them, they will easily forget about your brand or business. It is easy for them to forget what you are offering or what you are all about. When it comes to in-person and other types of communication, it is also true because a person who always receives a warm welcome is likely to feel valued. Similarly, if a customer receives a social media notification or promotional email with discount offers, they may follow your brand more regularly again.

Enhancing word of mouth marketing

Customer contact can help to encourage your customers who like your products or services you offer to hit like your social media posts, share them, and engage with your page. Consequently, it forms a connection with your brand or business, and you will be likely to get referrals when they share your content or other information. In this world full of trends, word-of-mouth marketing plays an important role because around 90% of consumers bother with recommendations from friends when they shop. You will get a higher retention rate when you have better customer engagement. 

This means that you could be missing out on leads if you are not sharing good content on a regular basis using different communication channels. It will strengthen your connection with your existing customers and help you reach out to new customers too.

Anticipating customer needs

When you better communicate with your customer, then you will get to know them better that lead to anticipating customer needs, challenges, issues, and desires. When you regularly communicate with your customers, it gives you data that you can use to improve your services. The best part is that you can get customer feedback by asking how they feel about your product or service. You can measure whether people subscribe to your email lists or open your promotional emails, whether your customers like your posts on social media or share them, whether they leverage your promotional offers or discount, whether they refer your brand to their friends, or complete surveys. All this data can be used in your retention strategy that helps to build a better-personalized customer experience.

Building a relationship

This is true that you can’t deny the power of a loyal relationship. For example, if you already have invested huge bucks and your time into getting your customers, you can keep them by building a stronger relationship. You can get your customer loyalty by giving them more attention and ongoing support. It will build a long-term relationship with your customers. As we are living in a digital world, you must have a strategy to identify how each customer likes to be communicated with and what kind of things he wants to see or hear about. Moreover, make sure that provide them such communication on a regular basis.

Higher repurchases and loyalty

When you manage to build a strong relationship with your customers, then your customer will make repurchases. Sometimes, your customers are not aware of others services or products you are offering. In this case, a phone call will let them know about your new offering.

Get testimonials and results from your customers

The regular customer contact will help you get to know the results they are using your services. Using the case studies and customers’ testimonials, you can find ways on how to improve your customer services and help them. If you ask them how your services have helped them, they will be pleased that you value their opinion.

Reveal new needs and trends

Every business wants to stay up to date to not only increase your customer retention but also help to stay ahead of the competition. For instance, what trend did you follow last year, may become a part of history this year. To take the lead, you need to prevent yourself from losing your existing customers and becoming irrelevant in your industry. Customer contact helps you stay in touch with your clients and try to find what they need and what new trends are. The more you find the best options for your customers, the more you learn about your clients. If you listen to each customer, it will surely become easier to identify new opportunities and trends for the market.

Winning back at-risk customers

Customer content helps you identify those clients who are at-risk and help you win back those clients who are going to canceling their contract with your company. You can even find out why your clients want to cancel the contract and leave if you communicate smartly. When you identify the warning signs that make them leave, you can make relevant offers to help dissuade them from doing the same. When you resolve their issues, it could help you turn these at-risk customers into satisfied and loyal customers.



Best practices for customer contact

Create a regular communications schedule for your customers

When it comes to successful customer strategy, one of the keys is to interact with your buyers regularly. You need to make a consistent communication schedule rather than a sporadic schedule where you communicate when you want to like it. Create a calendar for your message and posts and decide how often you would like to stay in touch with your customers.

Use multiple communication channels

Omnichannel retail might be a mouthful, but it is a fancy way of saying that mortar stores and e-commerce stores should “talk” to each other with a strong online and offline presence. To some extent, this concept can be applied to customer communication too. In the same way that you are using various channels to sell your product, you have to use different platforms to get your message across. If you are a brand, there are plenty of communication channels, including emails, in-store, phone, website, and SMS. You should create a customer communication strategy that includes a combination of these communication channels.

Share inspiring, educational, and entertaining content

It’s true that you need to send promotional messages for more sales but make sure to balance it with content that is educational, entertaining, and inspiring. Your content should add value to the lives of your customers and go beyond the sales-y call to actions like ‘buy now. You can add value in the form of entertaining and inspiring content.

User-generated content

Sharing user-generated content is also a great practice for customer contact. You can re-share your customer’s content and put some spotlight on your customers. Encourage your customers to send you videos and images of your product that they are using and share them with their feedback. These kinds of posts and testimonials help you boost your brand awareness with social proof.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the extra mile does pay off. You can make a world of difference for customer retention and for the success of your business by building a strong relationship with your customers. The only thing customer contact has to cost you is a bit of time, and it will be time well spent.

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