May 21, 2021

7 best CRM software that you can use for your business

A list of crm software that you can use.

CRM software gives you detailed customer data and allows you to take forward customer relationships strategically. You can provide customers with detailed support, and is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

The business sphere these days has evolved immensely. Traditional methods of operation are more than redundant – they are obsolete. Suppose you want to keep up with this ever-evolving world. In that case, you need to implement the latest technologies to keep your business flourishing. Another change in the business world is that there is a greater emphasis than before on customer service and customer relations. Customers are, undeniably, the backbone of any company. Establishing and maintaining relationships with clients can help your business grow. CRM software, or Customer Relationship Management software, then, should be your top priority. Below, we’ve listed the leading CRM software to help you manage your client relationships.

What is CRM?

Customers are integral to any business’s success, and CRM software helps you keep up with them. CRM includes all strategies, technologies, tools, and techniques you use to maintain profitable relationships with your clients. It can help you develop relationships, retain them and acquire new customers.

Benefits of using CRM software

Utilize customer data better

One of the most significant drawbacks that affect companies regarding client relationships is that they fail to utilize their customer data effectively. There can be essential tidbits of customer information stored away in emails, post-it notes, spreadsheets, and conversations with no one to piece them together. It can severely hamper your customer relationships, as you don’t have access to all the data to provide them with the best experience. CRM can step in and collect all of this data and make it easy for all teams to access. You can then utilize this information for better client relationships.

Better segmentation

Gone are the days when you could put out one advertising campaign that could target all of your audience. These days, clients expect tailored advertisement campaigns, making them feel like you address their individual needs. CRM helps you segment your audience successfully to curate tailored advertisements and promotions for different segments of your clientele. Segmentation can also tell you which leads are most likely to translate and which will fall through. It can help you save time because you won’t waste time pursuing false leads. You can also better analyze your sales process.

Top CRM software to use


Cloud-based solutions are the face of the future, and Salesforce provides you just that. It might seem like a pricier option geared more towards more significant enterprises, but the range of features it provides justifies it. It offers you opportunity management and contact management solutions, workflow automation, and sales forecasting. You get all the information you need to work upon your business’s strengths and weaknesses, all on your dashboard. There are several features that small businesses can use, and they can quickly scale up if they wish. Salesforce has now expanded to include Slack, a business messaging app. Integrating Slack into the software will make it more holistic, making collaboration and communication much more effortless. You can collect all of your lead’s information from their accounts to build a clear picture of who your customers are, and how you can target them best. Furthermore, Salesforce also allows you to log all of your communications automatically, so you’ll never overlook any data entries.


All the data you gather can let you improve your business and cater to your clients better. Without CRM, managing and organizing data can be a challenging task. KEAP, however, can let small businesses organize their contact data with ease. It has several marketing tools which allow your sales team to operate with immense ease. Your sales team doesn’t have to ask clients for information repeatedly. It can help save time for your team, and create a smoother experience for your clients. Entrepreneurs can find that this simple design is easy to use and allows them to automate tasks easily. You can also stay connected to social media apps, and connect with your clients around the clock.


Freshsales is a customer management software that all businesses can use with ease regardless of size or goals. It is perfect for cultivating leads, nurturing them, and, most importantly, close them. Over time, this software allows you to create long-term connections with your clients. It has an intuitive interface that is jam-packed with unique features. One of the best features of Freshsales is that it has artificial intelligence-based lead scoring. This gives you immense accuracy when deterring, which leads are likely to translate to sales and which aren’t. It can also work well with other business software and give you a holistic experience. You can manage several aspects simultaneously without having to worry about working with multiple confusing tools. Customized visual reports make it even easier for you to view all your workflow and create actionable plans.

Hubspot CRM

Small businesses need to capitalize on their customer relationships if they want the business to grow. Hubspot CRM is software geared towards helping out small businesses and letting them reach their goals. It has a simplistic design and even has some features that are free forever. These factors make it an excellent choice for businesses that are just starting and have limited funds. One of the best HubSpot features is that it lets you view your sales pipeline conveniently on your dashboard. It allows you to keep track of progress with immense clarity and lets you develop actionable goals.

Furthermore, you can view all reports in even greater detail if you wish. You can view your team member’s performance, contact activity, and sales logs in great depth. Hubspot also has apps for both Android and Apple, giving you greater mobility. You access all records, reports, and logs on the go, and stay connected to your clients.

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a customer management software designed to make team management more manageable and make records more comfortable to access. It aims to improve team performance and help all business players work cohesively. Zendesk Sell is the perfect CRM software for teams that want to get to work right away. It’s a no-hassle software that guarantees you immense insights in a simple user interface. It can give you detailed insights regarding your sales team’s performance, so you can improve and help your business grow. It has powerful reports which can give you a wealth of data. You can view your call and email campaigns’ success rates, and you can also view how successfully your leads turn into sales. You can view in-depth call logs, telling you the lengths of different calls, the effects of calling time on the closing rate, and how successful your call campaigns are. Zendesk is a simplistic software with a host of helpful features and zero complications. You can easily view all the stats on your dashboard, and go into the drop-down options for greater detail. Zendesk has various pricing options with different features, so you can find a package that suits you best. It is one of the most well-connected CRM software out there and gives you rich insights.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is software that delivers a punch at an incredibly affordable price. It is the perfect software for small to mid-size businesses and has various free options for up to ten users. Zoho comes with a full suite of features, such as Zoho Social, Zoho Expense, and Zoho Office, to name a few. Zoho CRM, however, is the most popular of all the options and is an award-winning software lauded for its simplicity and effectiveness. Zoho CRM allows you to manage all your contacts effectively and communicate with them without disruption. It also has lead management solutions and can help you automate tasks that your employees would have to complete otherwise. If you already use any of Zoho’s other products, using the CRM software will feel incredibly natural, and the software can be easy to get used to.


Drip is one of the easiest to use yet incredibly powerful CRM software you can use. It has a beautiful and simple design, making the interface incredibly user-friendly. Drip has many features that make it a powerhouse. It allows you to segment your audience quickly and then create tailored email campaigns. You can create either visual or textual emails easily. You can also create automation workflows easily, track conversions, customize your content, and tag customer data. Therefore, you have an easy-to-access database all your teams can use for effective collaboration. You can get actionable reports, converse with clients, and much more.


Using CRM software is a sure-shot way for your brand to get the success it needs. It can allow you to keep up with your clients unlike ever before, and curate the perfect content. With CRM software, you can quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve your brand. While it’s called customer management software, CRM gives you many valuable insights to help your business evolve and expand.

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