May 8, 2021

Conversocial customer experience platform review: Features and benefits

Conversocial customer experience platform review

Conversocial as the name implies is software that aims to improve customer satisfaction by delivering a conversational customer experience. It taps into the unique nature of voice channels and messaging for marketing, sales, and customer service purposes. The solution integrates AI-driven bots and human agents to boost customer engagement.

What is Conversocial?

You may call this platform a multi-feature customer engagement software developed for the modern generation of social media customers. These people are always on the go and they prefer an instant response to their queries.

Conversocial allows your team to be protective and promptly address the issues the customer is facing to deliver a rich customer experience whether they are reaching you out through mobile or social media channels. Not only does it allow you to communicate with your customers efficiently but get vital insights from them to serve them better.

A lot is going on every single day on social media platforms. You need to be aware of the thing that concerns your business. With Conversocial’s social media customer support system, you can manage customer issues raised on social media more effectively. The insights you receive allow you to understand their needs and offer them an optimal customer experience.

Conversocial pricing

Conversocial has a quote-based plan. You will have to contact the vendor to determine the right plan for your business.

You can request a demo to have a feel of the software and understand how it works.

Conversocial login

Once you have bought the plan and installed the platform on your website, all you have to do is click on this here

Enter your email address and password to sign in to your account.

A screenshot of Conversocial login page

App Conversocial

The Conversocial app will be available to you after you buy the subscription. After you have downloaded the web app, you can log into it and start managing conversations with customers.

Conversocial Ltd

Many leading brands throughout the world are using the Conversocial app. These include TESCO, Vodafone, Lush, Freshly, Google, Barclays, and British Airways.

With Conversocial, messaging channels have increased the CSAT by 30 percent compared to traditional channels.

The average open rate has been 78 percent and the engagement rate of 8 percent. This platform has allowed messaging channels to reduce CAC by up to 55 percent and increase the average order value by 15 percent.

Benefits of Conversocial

Conversocial is your best bet if you want to shape the customer experience. This customer experience platform is best for companies with a large customer base and even companies with 10 customer service agents. Conversocial can help you more than just one way to cut through the noise of social media and offer an amazing customer experience.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of this platform:

It’s simple and intuitive

The Conversocial platform is easy to use and get started with. Your team will need minimal training to start offering a great customer experience by using the features of this app.

Your team can sift through the fan pages on different social media channels and moderate up to one thousand comments within an hour.

Engage with tools

You can connect and integrate with top social media networks, review the incoming queries and customer comments, analyze the insights, engagement levels, report the key engagement figures and focus on the most important data to make decisions. These tools will let you make the workflow faster and more manageable.

Improve customer value

Conversocial lets you use proven processes and experience to help your business overcome common challenges associated with social customer care. With quality interactions, you can distinguish your company from the crowd and improve customer value.

Protect your brand

It takes 10 positive actions and sometimes more for making up for one negative comment or feedback from the customer. For brands, a customer complaint is like a nightmare especially in the digital age where you can become the talk of the town in just a matter of seconds.

How can Conversocial help?

Here is how Conversocial can help you through every stage of the customer journey:

Offer exceptional customer service

With Conversocial, you can show how much you care for your customers. Using Conversocial, its partner was able to reduce inbound call volume by 30 percent through the messaging channel promotion and increase NPS and SCAT at the same time.

A screenshot of conversocial customer service feature

Boost customer acquisition

Conversocial can help you acquire more customers as well. Offer them a unique and memorable experience through adaptive automation.

Conversocial’s partner’s customers were able to increase the average transaction spend by 15 percent through Facebook messenger and reduce customer acquisition cost by 55 percent.

A screenshot of conversocial customer acquisition filter

Better customer engagement

Using Conversocial, you can retain your customers using targeted messages and offer a personalized customer experience via the messaging channels.

One of the partners who used this platform had an open rate of 78 percent and an engagement rate of 8 percent.

A screenshot of conversocial customer engagement feature

Deliver personalized experience with top Conversocial features

Conversocial specializes in four key capabilities that allow you to improve customer engagement and deliver one-on-one personalized experience:


Workspace lets you turn your agents into customer experience superheroes. Conversocial’s workflows match the customer conversation to the agent who is best suited for responding to their needs and offer a personalized solution.

You can connect the customer experience dots and arm your agents with previous customer history, notes, context, and other interactions. It will help them focus on what matters and deliver a great customer experience.

Conversocial also makes it easier to track as well as resolve cases across different messaging channels. So no matter what platform your customer chooses to contact you, your agents will be using Conversocial’s interface to answer them.

A representation of conversocial workspace  feature


You can build bots across all messaging channels to scale customer experience efforts. The Switchboard lets you route and resolves inquiries even if they are at scale. The intelligent bots know what to do for delivering the best experience.

The Conversocial bots are highly adaptive. They are just as smart as the real agents. The RAN (Random Access Navigation) technology allows the bot to mimic human conversation and your customer feels as if they are talking to a real person.

The bots engage with customers with relevant and personalized content. This helps develop a long-term relationship with the customer. They are certainly going to come back again to shop.

A representation of conversocial bots


Conversocial lets you use integration triggers for creating customer segments. Your marketing message will be delivered using real-time customer data, centralized knowledge centers, and 3rd party integrations.

You will be having a real conversation with customers where they are by sending behavioral-based messaging. This will allow you to create a unique impact.

Using conversational AI, you can send the right message to the right person at the right time and improve the customer experience.

A representation of conversocial notification feature


This switchboard feature facilities 2-way bi-directional exchange between the bot and the agents in a single platform. You can create a unified approach across all social media platforms whether it’s Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp business, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Human agents and bots together deliver the best customer experience. The bot collects information and a virtual assistant returns the conversation to the human agent once the task is complete. All this happens in the same thread.

Bots work tirelessly but can’t deliver empathy. That’s where humans step in. The conversation will switch between bots and human agents and the customer won’t even feel a thing. They will just get the best customer experience!

A representation  of conversocial switchboard feature

Why choose Conversocial?

Conversocial lets your brand harness the social messaging advantage. It lets you be responsive to your customers regardless of what channel they are using and deliver an end-to-end experience through mobile and social messaging.

If you are one of the executives that have to choose between delivering a great customer experience or reduce cost, then Conversocial brings you good news.

  • Your agents will be able to handle multiple conversations at a time and optimize their time
  • Customers can switch real-time and non-real-time dialogs depending on the situation and offer an end-to-end experience
  • Your brand will shine by solving customer issues in a single channel. The system analyzes, priorities, and routes customers to the right agent 
  • Customers can return to the same conversation thread and even agent even if they went away
  • Use automated responses to answer customer queries and resolve things faster
  • Combine bots and human agents to address the problem promptly

In other words, with Conversocial, you can transform customer experience and care by leveraging the benefits of social messaging.


If you are looking for a customer experience platform that brings real value, boosts the productivity of your agents, delivers the best customer experience, and shows them that you care, then Conversocial is right for you.

Conversocial will help you simplify and speed up your customer service. There is a very limited learning curve, your agents will be able to absorb all the information readily. Regardless of the size of your business and the number of agents working in your team, this customer experience platform is great if you want to take advantage of social messaging.

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