May 7, 2021

Comm100 live chat software review: Pricing and Features

Comm100 live chat software review

Comm100 Live Chat is live chat software that allows businesses of all types to connect with their customers in real-time. They can connect through video, text, and audio chat. Moreover, it gives a great in-store experience to the customers using co-browsing. It is actually a part of the Comm100 platform, which includes pre-built knowledge management, omnichannel tools for social media, SMS, and managing emails and AI chatbots. This live chat software by Comm100 is available for free with unlimited chats and agents. It allows you to add a live chat widget to your eCommerce store website like Magento site- which means you can offer a convenient and quick communication channel for your visitors. Moreover, it enables you to proactively engage with your customers that in turn customer satisfaction and boosts sales. Let’s explore more about this great software, Comm100 live chat.

Comm100 live chat login

The agents can log in to the Comm100 desktop easily. It offers auto-login to the agents. When the desktop computer is started, then it will be automatically logged in. Even when you activate from the computer or standby mode, it offers auto-login. Follow the below steps to login:

  • First off, head to the login page and check login and remember the options.
  • Now go to the top right side and click on the ‘general’ option. You can find it under preference.
  • Using your login credentials, check auto-login. To login to your agent console, check start when you start your PC.
  • Now hit the ‘Ok’ button to save the settings. 
A screenshot of Comm100 live chat login page

Account and pricing    

This live chat platform is available in three tiers– Team, Business, and Enterprise.

A screenshot of comm100 live chat pricing


  • It comes with a customizable interface.
  • It gives you visitor information in real-time such as navigation path, GEO info, stay time, navigation, source, and more. 
  • It sores the contact details of the visitors and manages them as well.
  • It comes with efficient tools, including audio and video chat, file transfer, canned messages, typing indicator, and automatic translation. 
  • It features proactive chat invitations that come with manual options.
  • It offers rule-based chat allocation and routing.
  • Messaging and ticketing is another great feature of this live chat software that allows the users to manage their SMS, social networks, email accounts together through a unified system. 
  • AI chatbots make this platform a helping hand for businesses. These chatbots answer the questions of visitors and add scale by executing tasks through 24/7 availability and automation. 
  • It increases the performance of agents by providing them with suggested answers. 
  • The knowledge base is another great feature of comm100 live chat that helps to build self-service resources for the internal and external visitors and maintain it as well. 
  • It comes with a mobile app that helps you stay connected with your customers.
  • Comm100 live chat software has great security features, including HIPAA compliant, secure forms, DSS compliant, credit card masking, TLS encryption, and PCI. 

Comm100 live chat hide chat button

You can hide the chat button with Comm100 live chat. You can make it offline when live chat is offline. To hide the chat button, follow the below instruction:

  • Log in to your account and hit the ‘campaign’ button on the left side of the menu.
  • Now, click on the chat button and select the option ‘campaign.’
  • Hit the ‘advanced’ option and select the hide chat button.

You need to get the JavaScript code to hide the chat button feature. This feature is available on comm10 live chat version 5 only. To enable this feature, copy the chat code from the latest version of this live chat software.

What is Comm100 Live Chat?

Comm100 Live Chat is live chat software that gives personalized customer engagement to website visitors. Your support agent can access it via the website and mobile application. They can engage with the customers more effectively using powerful tools such as auto-translation, audio/video chat, co-browsing, and routing. Businesses of all types use this live chat solution. It is available for free with unlimited chats and agents. Even the leading institutions and organizations use this software, including Canadian Blood Services, Rackspace, and Stanford University. It helps to improve agent efficiency, drive revenue and fulfill customer expectations. There are around 6500 companies that use comm100 live chat as it provides the most personalized live chat experience. This tool is best for support agents, sales and marketing teams, contact centers to deliver efficient, personalized, and real-time customer support for free.

Why Comm100?

Easy setup 

It takes a few seconds to install this great tool, and you are all set to chat with your site visitors. The whole setup process takes several minutes.  

Fully customizable look and feel

It allows the users to customize the overall look and feel of your store; logo, CSS code, and color scheme that help you provide attractive, useful, and contemporary support services to your customers. 

Web, desktop and mobile app

Support agents not only use comm100 live chat via the desktop, web, and mobile app- which means they can connect with your customers from everywhere, either from work or on the go. They can also access the chat from the mobile as it comes with full mobile compatibility. The live chat button and window can be adjusted automatically on the mobile device. No matter what device you use, your customer will enjoy the fluid chat experience. 

Manage all channels together

When the visitors land on your profile, you can engage them while they shop by deploying this award-winning live chat tool. You can connect all SMS accounts, social media, emails, and other digital channels for communication through a single platform. The agents can access every interaction across all communication channels so that they can respond quickly.

Automate answers to common questions   

It provides an AI chatbot that can be deployed on any channel. Moreover, you can fully integrate it with the entire platform. This way, you can expand your services and automate the frequently asked questions that help the customers to get quick answers when they want. These AI chatbots can also detect the intent of your customers and intensify when the conversion is complex or high-value so that your support agents get involved when they need human help.

Built-in knowledge base

The Comm100 comes with a built-in knowledge base that can be integrated seamlessly with the live chat and gives a perfect support experience. Knowledge base offers your customers agent-based assistance and self-service. You can set up a knowledge base for your customers that help to find an effective and quick solution for their problems. Moreover, when the chat starts, support agents can find the information in no time within the agent console. 

A screenshot of comm100 live chat knowledge base feature

Powerful reporting suite for constant improvement

The Comm100 live chat has a powerful live chat reporting suite that allows the users to track their service quality, team performance, and chat volume. This way, users can track visitors’ ratio, understand the traffic pattern for a chat and even measure the conversion rate. 

Security and privacy     

Comm100 Live Chat offers high standard security. It ensures secure data communication and privacy of your visitors with HIPAA compliance, ISO 27001 certification, credit-card masking, TLS encryption, SOC 2 Type II, secure forms, PCI DSS, and more.

Comm100 live chat CEO LinkedIn

Kevin Gao is co-founder, and chief executive officer (CEO) at Comm100 live chat. Before starting comm100 live chat, he was running his family business. His passion for computer sciences urged him to start a new business venture. When he was studying at The University of British Columbia, he started his first software development company. When he moved to Toronto, he created another company named Dynamsoft that provides image processing SDKs and control software for large enterprises. When he was working at Dynamsoft, he realized that communication tools were crucial in order to improve your business performance. He founded Comm100 live chat in 2009 that helps businesses to connect with their customers in real-time. This software has six products, but their flagship product is Comm100 live chat. This software is specially designed to support customer communication in real-time, which in turn improves sales. Kevin Goa is the head of the global team, and he has more than 500 connections on LinkedIn. 

An image of comm100 live chat ceo

Comm100 live chat affiliate

In customer support services, digital transformation is the number one priority of every organization, regardless of its size. You can incorporate your expertise with this best live chat platform and get a high stream of conversions for your business. Comm100 live chat offers an affiliate program with other programs like white-label, integration partnership, and reseller or VAR. You can earn a good commission on every sale by marketing this live chat software in your region. Or you can refer this live chat solution to your client to the sales team of Comm100 live chat and earn extra bucks. Through this affiliate partnership program, you can earn up to 15% revenue share or discount. 

A represenattion of comm100 live chat affiliate

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