May 24, 2021

Chatlio for Slack live chat review: Features and pricing

Chatlio for slack live chat review

Chatlio for Slack is a third-party integration that uses Slack as a chat client for chatting with visitors directly. It is the first official live chat app that is fully integrated with Slack.

With this app, you and your team can now communicate with each other directly from within Slack without using additional tools. You can use the Slack features such as emojis, requesting screenshots, identifying the visitor’s location and browser, typing indicators, and code block highlighting to have a great experience.

Chatlio review

Chatlio is the best way to chat with your visitors via Slack. Its widget is highly customizable. You can change the color, shape, and label all within the Chatlio control panel. This app can become a complete customer care system that can be integrated into your website and your Slack account. No extra software is required to communicate with your visitors!

Once you have set up Chatlio, you must pick a channel from within Slack where you want customer messages to show up. When a customer leaves a message, this message is delivered to Chatlio within Slack’s channel. Any agent from within your team can initiate a chat with the customer and help them up.

The developers of Chatlio have kept one thing in mind while creating this software. They wanted to minimize the use of tools, in general, to communicate with customers. With Chatlio, exactly this is possible. You don’t have to leave Slack to respond to the requests of customers and you won’t have to use additional software to get access to amazing features.

Chatlio features

Let’s have a look at the features that make it great:

Engage automatically

Using Chatlio triggers, you can engage with your customers automatically. Send them messages on your behalf to improve visitor engagement. This means no customer will be left unanswered.

A screenshot of chatlio trigger feature

Access slack features

Slack users have the option of customizing the behavior of Chatlio from within Slack by using custom commands. You can also drag and drop images and files in your Slack account and forward them to visitors.

Engage with your team

Chatlio hasn’t just made customer communication easy, it has also played a critical role in improving engagement within your team. Let’s say a visitor comes to your website and initiates a chat session. When we do so, this software creates a devoted channel for the conversation.

A screenshot of chatlio channel

Your team will be able to see the notification in the Chatlio channel inside Slack. Operators can join the conversation any time they want.

Easy integration

Chatlio has been designed for developers by developers. They have made the setup and integration easy. All you have to do is allow Chatlio to access Slack and then choose a channel you would like to integrate, paste the embed code on the pages you would like the live chat widget to appear and you are done.

Ease is not the only benefit, with this widget, communication becomes fast, secure, and reliable. This widget is loaded in such a way that it does not impact the rest of the speed of your website.

A perfect pre-sales tool

Chatlio is great for pre-sales. So you are not just communicating with your visitors, but encouraging them to convert as well. Let’s find out how:

  • Chatlio shows the current page of the visitor, their location, IP address, and local time so that you can track where the traffic is coming from
  • Using the live chat feature, you can talk to your visitors instantly. This means if they are in the middle of making a purchase and they need help, your agents will be able to assist them right away.
  • You can also identify visitors. This is done by using JavaScript API. You can send custom data with any chat and show it alone each chat.
  • You can also ask the visitor their name and email before chatting to know who they are

It’s a support product tool

Chatlio is not just a live chat product, it is also a great support product. In other words, it helps you ensure that your visitors have a great experience and they keep on coming back for more. Let’s check out its support features:

  • You can ask the customer to take a screenshot and let you know about the issue without using any additional software
  • Since Chatlio shows the location of the customer by default, you will always know who they are
  • Using Webhooks, you can easily integrate hundreds of third party software and CRM and take the experience further
  • You can also share code samples as well as snippets just like you do in Slack

How does it work

Wondering how does this app works? Here are all the steps:

  1. First things first, you must authorize and connect Chatlio in Slack.
  2. Once that is done, get the widget code snippet from Chatlio’s website.
  3. You are now ready to chat with the visitors (Who come to your site) in Slack.

The Chatlio widget is highly customizable. The title bar of the widget can shrink into a chat icon on a mobile website. It automatically enlarges when it’s on full screen. On small viewports, you have the option to hide the widget too.

There won’t be a large learning curve when it comes to integrating this chat software on your website and getting a hang of it. Your agents will be able to use its easy-to-understand dashboard and use this amazing software to respond to visitors.

Chatlio demo

if you are already using Slack for project management and tracking and would like to see how Chatlio works and how it can help, you can request a demo by visiting

Schedule the demo as per your availability. It’s going to be a 30 minutes session with a representative who will walk you through the app.

What does Chatlio cost

Chatlio is available in four plans. Let’s explore them in detail:


This plan costs $29 per month and supports 2 operators, one widget, and 200+ conversations per month, includes unlimited domains, bandwidth, and Free CSS customization.


This plan starts at $49 per month and supports unlimited operators, one widget, 1000 conversations per month, and all features of the starter plan, triggers and auto messages, and saved replies.


The pro plan price starts at $99 per month and it supports two widgets, 3000 conversations per month, all features of the basic plan including other features such as qualified leads, pre-chat questions, and white label widget.


The price of the business plan starts at $199 per month. It supports 5 widgets, 5000 conversations per month, and all features of the Pro plan.

Note that all plans include a 30-day free trial.

A screenshot of chatlio pricing

Chatlio WordPress

If you would like to add Chatlio to your WordPress website, it’s very simple. Follow these steps:

A screenshot of installing Chatlio plugin in WordPress.
  1. From your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins
  2. Enter “Chatlio” in the search bar
  3. Once you find Chatlio by WordPress, click on install now
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Copy the “Widget ID” from the Chatlio dashboard
  6. Add this add into your WordPress website by clicking on the tools
  7. Choose Chatlio and enter the widget ID to enable Chatlio
  8. Save the changes
  9. Refresh your website to see the widget installed

How do I remove a channel in Chatlio

As you know, adding Chatlio to different channels across Slack is quite simple. To remove a channel, go to the integrations tab. choose the channel that you would like to remove and hit the “delete” button.

How to use Chatlio integration

Using the JavaScript API, your developers will have all the control they need to integrate and widget and chat data.

With Webhooks, you can export all data out of Chatlio into any third-party system or your own in real-time. You can also build your own bots for communicating with visitors/

If you are looking for a code-free way of integrating Chatalio into any existing system, the Zapier app is the best. It allows you to integrate Chatlio into more than 2000 different services and apps.

Chatlio where do I paste the widget code

After you have signed up for Chatlio, all you have to do is connect it to your Slack account. This requires pasting the widget code. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Copy the code provided by Chatlio
  2. You can paste this code on any page of your website where you want to display the live chat widget functionality

You can also choose the style of the widget (standard, sidebar, embed inline, and WordPress plugin)

How does a user end Chatlio

The user can end the chat on Chatlio by clicking on the “end conversation” button on the live chat.


Chatlio is an amazing live chat software that is designed for agencies and enterprises. It offers end-to-end solutions for the web app from features such as customizable branding, website visitor tracking, canned responses, offline form, to proactive chat, and more, this fully-featured chat software can streamline customer communication and support from within Slack.

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