June 13, 2021

ChatBlazer Chat And Audio Video Software

ChatBlazer chat and audio video software review

ChatBlazer chat and audio video software offer enterprise-level functionality and security to their chat programs, both internal and online. Not only businesses, social networkers, and educators also take advantage of this software. The best thing about this tool is that users can access them at very affordable prices. It comes with plenty of options for a server license and hosted chat client. It makes it easy to add a chat option to your website than ever before. 

ChatBlazer software is packaged in a user-friendly interface for moderators, admins, hosts, and end-users at both ends. It has been around for decades; that’s why it is touted as the best chat software out there. It comes with a single sign-on setup and offers user linkage to an existing database. Moreover, it supports operation between desktop and mobile devices. Let’s learn more about this great chat and audio video software.

What is ChatBlazer software

ChatBlazer is cloud-based audio/video and chat software that is specifically designed to provide conferencing tools and chat collaborations in real-time for businesses of all sizes. In addition, ChatBlazer provides best-in-class customer support and gives businesses a complete set of features and technologies that they can use to communicate with their customers in a new interactive way. 

Whether you use this software for a non-profit organization, for business, or in an educational institute, it makes it easy for the companies to increase their company’s efficiency when their users use their chat platforms. It is compatible with smart and mobile devices. The best thing about this great tool is that it is available at an affordable price to ensure that everyone can access it. In addition, it can be integrated with a list of other software that means it will fit in any software ecosystem. 

ChatBlazer pricing 

It’s pricing starts at $0.5 per user for one month. Its price starts at $40 per month. However, you can access its audio and video feature for $3 per session for a month. It offers a free trial for its users. However, there is no free version of ChatBlazer available here. Its rich features and reasonable pricing make it a number one choice for businesses of all sizes.

ChatBlazer benefits

This software offers plenty of features that are beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. Here are some benefits of ChatBlazer software:

Perfect for businesses of all sizes

Small and medium-sized businesses use it because it is a reliable communication platform that comes with instant messaging, audio conferencing tools, live chat and video conferencing tools, and more. As it comes with a moderate price and can be integrated with almost all cooperate software. That’s why it can be a great addition for small businesses, educational institutes, and teamwork-oriented organizations.

User friendly

Chatblazer chat and audio/video software is very simple and user-friendly. That’s why it is much-loved communication software by the users, admins, and administrators. 

Powerful features

It offers powerful features like members can link to their existing database, single sign-on, chat interoperability between two devices, and others. It also provides chat-server technology in real-time communication. Moreover, it helps you keep the platform upgradable for all kinds of modifications.

Eliminates the upfront cost of server equipment and license

With ChatBlazer, you don’t have to be worried about your server equipment and server license because it eliminates all these costs. Users can access ChatBlazer X, which is its hosted version. ChatBlazer X is perfect for blogs, social media platforms, startups that want to develop their community. 

Most affordable cloud-based chat software

ChatBlazer is all the rage due to transparency, could base approach, and reasonably affordable prices, which make it affordable for small to large businesses. They have a large database of happy and satisfied customers, and they have been working on the market for almost two decades. Users can choose the chat room capacity that matches their needs. They can use the system that suits their needs which means they don’t need to subscribe to the service. 

What is ChatBlazer 8.5

It is the latest version of ChatBlazer, which is also known as ChatBlazer evaluation 8.5. It is considered as the inclusive chat server license on the market that doesn’t require plenty of adds-on and a flash media server. It combines all the features of previous packages like server package plus and pro server. Moreover, it comes with great features, including database integration, tools for document sharing, moderation, advanced separation or groups and rooms, and whiteboarding. This version gives the companies, non-profits, and social networking communities a chat and audio/video solution at a very reasonable price.

Why choose ChatBlazer


This chat server technology has been around for more than a decade. On community websites, millions of users are using its real-time chat features for fast communication. Its real-time chat technology is exclusive, and that caters to all the unique demands of the customers and other requirements.


People choose ChatBlazer because it is the most reliable and best-in-class chat software solution out there. Moreover, they have been working on the market since 2001. Their customers are not only small businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and fortune 500 companies. 


The best thing about Chtblazer is that it is pocket-friendly and comes with a free trial. It is not only affordable for large businesses but also SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) can get benefits from this great chat and audio/video software.

How to block user ChatBlazer

You can block any user from the control panel of the ChatBlazer. Once you block the user, he/she will not be able to send you a private message. Alternatively, if you receive an inappropriate message from anyone, you can contact to administrator, and they can prevent this user from sending you a message privately. 

Alternatives to ChatBlazer

When it comes to geo-targeting, canned responses, and personalized branding, people usually use ChatBlazer. However, it might not be the best right choice for all. There are a lot of other tools that you could use if user-friendliness, value for money, and good user rating are your topmost priority. There are some software that has similar features or closest to ChatBlazer in terms of benefits and functionality. Here are some alternatives to ChatBlazer chat and audio/video software. 


Freshchat is typically designed for customer engagement and sales teams to communicate to potential and existing customers on mobile apps, websites, or social media pages. It comes with a great live chat feature that helps businesses and their sales teams and gives them a great context-driven instant messaging experience. It offers great features that give you fast communication solutions like integrated self-service, campaigns, intelligent message routing, sales bot, and more. 


It is a great free live chat tool that helps you communicate with others from any device using instant messaging. It is a cloud-based live chat service that you can access using its direct link or inside its app. With Chatwing, you can invite users to your rooms, create a new chat room and even put any room on your blog or site.

Who doesn’t know about a leading collaboration application in the industry? It is typically used for in-house and remote work teams. It offers a variety of tools that helps the teams to handle the projects regardless of their types, like workflow automation, Kanban boards, and others. The best thing about this tool is that you can integrate it with a variety of third-party apps to extend its capabilities.

Chat by Flyzoo

It is a powerful platform that comes with a variety of features. It is designed to build online communities. This feature-rich communication platform helps you reach out to your customers, connect and engage with them. It can be integrated with third-party apps. Moreover, it offers a 14-day free trial. 

RingCentral Office

It is a cloud-based phone system that is designed to make communication faster for businesses. You can connect and engage with your customers with voice communication. Moreover, it organizes conferences and virtual meetings.


Freshdesk is a cloud-based tool that helps customers to streamline conversations across various channels such as phone, email, and others. With Freshdesk, you can collaborate with your support team for more quick responses. It allows you to integrate with more than 150 integrations-that means businesses can provide supremely high customer support.  


ActiveCampaign helps small and medium-sized businesses to connect and engage with their customers. It is basically a SaaS platform that helps growing businesses automate processes to optimize the customer experience. Moreover, businesses can communicate with their customer across multiple channels with personalized messages. 


ChatBlazer is a one-stop location for businesses, educational institutes, and non-profit organizations due to its user-friendliness and flexible functionality. It is a feature-rich platform that you can use to increase the efficiency of your business. It works well on all kinds of mobile devices and is available at a very reasonable price. Its large list of integration abilities makes it perfect for any software ecosystem.

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