May 17, 2021

Brand Advocacy: How To Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates

A guide to brand advocacy

Brand advocacy is a popular form of marketing tactic. There are several routes any business must take to ensure it can stand out and make a place for itself. The business world grows increasingly competitive each day, and it can be challenging for companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors. However, it’s often the simplest of measures that have the greatest efficacy in expanding a brand.

The first step in a startup is to firmly establish a brand name in the hearts and minds of your customers. However, the effort doesn’t end there. The real test of a successful business comes when customers themselves start spreading the product’s positive aspects, making them the brand ambassadors of the product. Clients are the backbone of any business, and without them, even the most innovative visions can fall short. With the right steps, you can turn your customers into your biggest advocates and marketers. If you’re interested in learning how you can expand your brand with the help of your customers, keep reading below.

What is a brand advocate?

Brand advocates are satisfied customers who spread positive word about your brand through various channels. It can be through word of mouth, as they recommend your products or services to friends and family, or it can be online. Clients may post favorable reviews of your brand or publish blog posts and promote your products. The impact of brand advocates is immense. You may do all you can to advertise your products, but the highest number of conversions comes from clients following reviews.

People want to be sure other people have vetted your products and services before they invest, and brand advocates help you show that. Brand advocates allow you to reach well beyond your target audience and market yourself without any additional costs. Below, we’ve listed some of the best ways to emphasize brand advocacy.

Ways to emphasize brand advocacy

Customers loyalty programs

One major way of establishing customer loyalty is by showing the customer your loyalty to them by offering discounts, upgrades, or free offers. Companies can make loyal customers by offering discounts to new customers after their first purchase. A loyal customer can become a brand advocate when they feel their loyalty will be rewarded.

Memberships are incredibly popular loyalty programs, and customers can avail of discounts, freebies, or promotional packages after they keep investing in your brand. It can make the brand-client relationship feel much more two-sided, and both parties achieve greater benefit. A customer can engage with your brand in many ways besides purchasing your product. Buying add-ons, renewing subscriptions, referring new customers, adding pictures, and giving positive reviews can all earn them loyalty points.

People are much likelier to recommend your brand to others if you offer loyalty programs, as it offers them a long-term incentive for investing with you.

Create a personalized experience

Knowing your customer is the first step in making them your brand ambassador. You can accomplish this by knowing his name and remembering it too in emails and other correspondence. The more you address your customers, the closer they feel to you. This establishes a rapport, which can make them very strong brand advocates.

Another way of appreciating your clients is by noting customer’s preferences and trying to engage on the customer’s channel of choice to make a lasting effect. The little steps you take can go a long way in ensuring that clients feel connected to your brand.

Understanding a customer’s opinion about your brand can give you the insight to develop a long-term strategy for your brand. You can engage with your clients through various channels, be it email, text, calls, or social media. If you have a responsive team that can address their concerns quickly, customers are much likelier to recommend your brand to others.

Inform your clients

Most people say that they are more likely to stick to a particular brand that educates them on making better use of their product. In other words, when people get to use a certain product to its maximum benefits, they are more likely to become their brand advocates.

Always ask your customers how they intend to use the product they’re going to buy and what they’re going to do with it. You can show them the related features as per their use to extract the greatest benefit. Sometimes customers can face difficulty mastering the use of any software or product. Save them the trouble of perusing guides from third-party sources, and offer them all the resources they need for a smooth experience. If you can guide them from the setup to the end, they’re likelier to have a better experience and recommend your brand to others.

Customer and brand relationship

This is at the core of making a brand advocate. You would have to develop a culture where customers’ issues have the utmost priority in all the sections of the company’s work. Only then can you give a rewarding customer experience. A customer may forget a minor technical glitch in a product, but most of them would never forget a bad experience with a company.

Customer and social media

If you fail to address their concerns on time or reject their issues outright, not only will you lose customers, but you’ll win a lot of bad press. You want to cater to the customer in whatever way possible and facilitate the smoothest experience for them. At times you may encounter unpleasant clients. However, dealing with them promptly and politely can transform them into loyal customers and advocates. Most customers take action based on personal recommendations. Thus, establishing a positive customer relationship is the best way of making powerful brand advocates.

Social media has become the most important and easy way to engage with your customers. Their comments can give you very helpful feedback regarding your products and services. Social media can give you a very clear picture of a customer’s mindset through which you can turn a frustrated customer into a potential brand advocate.

One way of turning your customers into your brand advocates is to ask for their comments to get the maximum feedback about your product. You should never neglect social media. Asking your customers to post videos and comments to show their liking and views about your brand can help you get feedback while boosting brand visibility. A satisfied customer is the best way of spreading the word about your brand.

The more you interact on mediums like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the more the customer will like you. Social media is an excellent tool to promote brand visibility. Through fun, interesting interactions with clients, you can promote a positive brand image and keep clients hooked. They, in turn, can spread the word about your brand and become advocates.

The feedback

A shopper’s feedback is the best advice a company can have, and heeding to a shopper’s feedback is the best way of serving your customer. It is the best way to know what customers think about your product and what they expect from you.

You can employ various methods to get the customer’s opinion about your products. Like you can do surveys, call center feedback, and social media posts to get in touch with your customers. If you conduct these surveys regularly, then the customer would know that you take their feedback seriously. Customers prefer brands that make an effort to reach out and garner feedback instead of waiting for reviews.

Create a positive team culture

For a company to survive but run as a successful entity, it has to provide not just a quality product but a quality service. They can only do this if all sections of the company are working cohesively. It’s the company’s responsibility to provide overall quality with service in all sections of the company. Be it accounting, production, or sales service; they have to work as a strong team for the benefit of the company and their customers alike.

When a product reaches a customer, it has gone through the collective efforts of the whole staff of a company. If you have miscommunication within the company, chances are it’s going to translate into your services. You want to keep your team integrated and satisfied so that they can perform the best.

Working on team cohesiveness and satisfaction is also imperative because clients these days pay close attention to how companies treat their employees. If word gets out that your company has a toxic work culture, clients will be put off by your brand regardless of your product quality. In contrast, praise from employees can go a long way in boosting your popularity with clients and turning them into powerful advocates.


Businesses usually have many clients, but there would be only a handful of them who can qualify to be your brand advocates. You have to keep an eye on your customers regarding who is talking favorably about your brand product and loyal customers. They are the ones who will spread the word and become your brand advocates.

It’s always important to keep your eyes and ears open, get insight into a customer’s heart and mind, and devise a strategy for recruiting true brand advocates. Once you take on board vital feedback, you can use your clients as one of your powerful marketing tools.

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