May 25, 2021

11 best apps on Shopify to help you grow your store

11 best apps on shopify

For merchants, Shopify always expands its e-commerce opportunities. The retail ecosystem of Shopify makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to leverage this platform. The Shopify apps act as a lighthouse. These apps on Shopify are high-end tools that you can integrate to get more customers, optimize your site, increase sales and logistics. There are hundreds of apps on its app store, but the following list of apps is the best apps on Shopify. All these apps are user-friendly, comprehensive, and reliable tools for the e-commerce store. Let’s look into these Shopify apps! 

Best apps on Shopify for your e-commerce store


It can be a helpful source supplier if you are looking for an idea for your small business or want to sell your product. Oberlo can help you search the marketplace of your products. These products can be imported directly into your store on Shopify. With Oberlo, You can fulfill your order delivery through your dropshipping supplier. Oberlo will ship your product to your customer-means you have no need to worry about packaging and shipping your product on your own.


If you support climate change and contribute to this mission, you can offset your shipping emission via Offset. It is a Shopify app that calculates the emission of your shipped orders generates. The total number of generated emissions becomes offset cost. However, this cost is low (normally a few cents per shipped order), and this payment goes towards the initiatives for forest protection. On the offset dashboard, you can also see the environmental impact, like how many trees you have protected so far. It will make a positive impact when you share these statistics with your customers.

Shopify Email

If you want to promote your business through email marketing, this app is for you. It helps you build email lists and manage email campaigns. It has the Shopify admin dashboard, where you can send emails to your subscribers. Shopify email also offers an array of pre-made email templates that bring in your logo, descriptions, product images from your e-commerce store on Shopify. You can even customize the button and text in a fraction of a minute.

Users can import the contact list into Shopify, and create campaigns and send them. They can also track results such as how many people open their emails, click on their products, add to cart and purchase their product. They can also optimize their retention campaigns and customer acquisition. Above all, the user can get over 2500 emails each month free of cost. If you want to send more emails after that, you need to pay $1 for 1000 emails.


Are you wondering why shoppers don’t become your customer or why you don’t get conversions on your website? BetterReplay is one of the best Shopify apps that provide the real-time recording of your shopper’s sessions. This way, you can see how shoppers interact with your online store and what products they look at. You can see where they get stuck and improve your conversion rate. Moreover, you can fix the issues and get ideas of how you can lower the abandoned carts in your Shopify store. The best thing is that BetterReplay is available for free and records up to five thousand sessions each month. Coding is not required.

Jebbit: Custom Product Quizzes

You can create quizzes for your customers with Jebbit. This way, you can engage your customers with your custom product quizzes. These quizzes are also called shoppable quizzes that help people find the best product from your Shopify store that leads to a high stream of conversions and sales. You can build simple surveys, match quizzes, lead generation forms, personality quizzes, and more. Its visual builder allows you to map out and build these customer experiences. You can meet customers with omnichannel distribution and no code design element where people shop. They can also provide a product recommendation that helps to drive more sales for your store.


Most e-commerce businesses don’t know how to grow their businesses. It is probably the most pressing struggle they face on this journey. It is often difficult to set the proven strategies up in your store even after learning them. Sumo is what that every business needs for their business growth. Sumo developed Sumo Shortcuts that is a great solution to solve all these problems. You can use this app to reduce cart abandonment, convert shoppers, and the increased average value of your orders. This app provides you with ways to turn your visitors into customers.


When it comes to sales, referrals are a powerful tool. When your customers recommend your product to others, it can make an impact on eighty percent of purchases. ReferralCandy is the best app on Shopify that you should try for your store. It is very user-friendly and offers the best tools for Shopify for the consistent and branded referral program. You can choose a variety of cash rewards, incentives, unique gifts, rewards, and coupon codes by using this app. Moreover, they are paid out automatically. When it comes to customization and branding, this Shopify app provides business owners with high flexibility. There are no coding skills required for this setup process. Above all, ReferralCandy provides the best customer support.

SEO Image Optimizer

Around twenty-six percent of search engine searches happen on Google Images. And, all e-commerce business owners need an image optimizer. That’s where SEO Image Optimizer comes in. This Shopify app can be installed in just one click and run in less than 30 seconds. This has everything to optimize your images for search engines. It includes unlimited image sync, checks new images, and alt-text optimization. You will get the target keywords for images, metatag optimization, and redirection URLs.

Social Photos

If you want to drive more sales on Shopify, social photos can be your best ally. With social photos, you can feature your loyal customers and make them happy. This can be social proof which is called UGC (user-generated content) simultaneously. When your customers tag their photos using your products on a photo-video sharing app, Instagram, this app gathers them into the gallery. You can use these photos to sell your products via direct links that in turn drive more sales. Users can even highlight the best photos that will encourage new customers to buy. With social photos, you can create product image galleries. It also allows you to interact with Instagram photos from the page where all these photos appear.


Sendinblue is another Shopify app for email marketing. This is powerful, user-friendly, and packed with additional features to explore. You can deploy email and SMS campaigns using this plugin that tracks metrics (such as open, click, and delivery) and increases deliverability rates. The best thing is that this app makes email marketing as simple as possible. 

In your SendinBlue account, you can link your Shopify list with other lists. You can determine what kind of content you send to your potential customers. You can use this app to send confirmation emails when someone buys your product. You can also access transactional and marketing text messages- means you can link your SMS strategy to the back office of your Shopify store. It ensures that you are connecting with your customers on the right channels. You can also access the email metrics in real-time like other email marketing tools. You will learn more about your customers and the strategies of email marketing when you use this app more. It also gives you access to text messages and an omnichannel strategy that help you connect with your target audience.


It helps you keep your content fresh with your Instagram content. It drives more fresh content automatically using Instagram photos. You can display your Instagram photos and videos the way you want. You can even blend this content with your store’s design seamlessly. Instafeed also includes automatic Instagram feed updates ad video and image support. This app is lightweight and fully responsive. Its paid version allows you to tag your product on your posts. You can even filter your posts with the help of hashtags and publish these posts to multiple feeds on Instagram. It comes with free, and two paid versions, i.e. pro and biz plan. The pro plan costs $3.99 per month, and the plus plan is priced at $9.99 per month.


Shopify is a great e-commerce platform that offers functionality. Users can use its hundreds of apps and add to its versatility. However, the above-mentioned Shopify apps are the best app on Shopify for your e-commerce store. These Shopify apps help the business owners to retain their customers, build a reputation on this biggest e-commerce platform and boost sales. Businesses can convert better if they use premium Shopify themes that are specially designed for e-commerce.

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