June 16, 2021

Aww App Whiteboarding Solution Review

Aww web whiteboard app review

Directly or indirectly, technology is everywhere today. Gone are the days when people used a whiteboard in school, universities, and offices to deliver lectures and presentations. Today, people need a solution that offers an all-in-one tool, even for the whiteboard. Therefore, some software like Aww is available to address those needs with optimized features.

Aww app

Aww app is one of the software to offer online whiteboard facilitate for team brainstorming work in real-time. It features its user with a touch-friendly canvas to promote educational and business purposes with students and clients. The operator of Aww app has the option to invite others members through a URL link. The app has a canvas that can be zoomed in as much as required, which allows you to bring your imagination and ideas to it. Aww app also offers remote meetings through its built-in communication tool.

Aww app pricing

Aww app offers a free trial version and subscription. If you want to avail of its premium version; the cost starts from $10 charged every month.

How to use Aww App

As mentioned earlier, the Aww app is an online whiteboarding platform, so you simply type on your browser to open the app. You will have a whiteboard in front of you on opening, and a window will pop up with two options; Start drawing or try a premium feature for free. Depending on which purpose you want to use this app, you can select any options and start using it. On the top and side corners, you will have a toolbar and option available from where you can choose the needed action to execute your work on work. Below we have discussed functionalities along with their features.

Aww app feature

There are many options available through tabs and toolbar on aww app. Firstly you will have a whiteboard to work, write, draw or present your files in different formats. Let discuss them in detail below.

Left-hand toolbar

A vertically standing toolbar on the left hand provides you with the option to use a cursor, undo button, pencil, eraser, shapes, text, etc. You can use the cursor for hovering on your window and selecting other tools. With a pencil tool, you can write, draw, trace or even highlight with the color of your choice. You can even resize your written text as per your need or adjust the view for your viewers. You can find the option to cut, crop, and delete from the same toolbar.

The upload tool opens another world of opportunities for you to share reference material from your computer. Often people need to include other supporting material to their subject or topic of presentation. Even for businesses in adding presentations, which are usually in PPT format, is a norm to have in their meeting with clients. You can select images to be uploaded on the whiteboard of aww app and resize them as desired and use other formats, i.e., PDF and PPT, and adjust or work on them to convey your product or ideas.

Options at the left top corner

When you upload any files on the whiteboard, further actions to it are supported here. For example, write demo in the empty bar, and the screen will start you presenting your PDF file here, which you can save, copy or delete from the drop-down option just beside the empty bar. 

You can open the file from the ‘open a saved board option’, where you can create different boards categorically or by name. ‘Create from templates’ option takes you to a window where you will find numerous templates for chats, matrix, diagrams, brainstorm, and much more. You can use these templates for demonstrating workflow planning, visualization of business model, showing analysis, etc. You can load those templates to the whiteboard to view after selecting from it.

Exports board allows you to export the whiteboard in the format of PDF or PPT to your computer. A green button beside the export tab is for inviting people to view activity on your whiteboard. Here you will be provided with the link, which you will share with people so they can join you on Aww whiteboard. This invitation can be an offer by sending or sharing URL links via email or through embed via iFrame as well. You can allow your whiteboard viewers to edits, view, or share a copy with them from this window.

Righthand toolbar

Aww, whiteboard allows you to chat with your viewers just like you can on other apps like Facebook messenger, etc., the window for the chat will pop up on clicking the home tab residing at the top right side of the window. You can see your audience or viewers from the top corner. Other options are available on this site for zooming in, zooming out, navigating whiteboard canvas, resizing, or fully sizing your window. Lastly, the ‘Learn more’ tab on this site extends support to its users through FAQs or other guides for using Aww app.

Can’t see PDF in Aww App

The interface of Aww app is user-friendly, and you can easily find all the tools available in it right on it with easy navigation. To view your PDF files on the canvas, click on the ‘+’ tab present on the toolbar at the left side of the window. By clicking on the ‘+’, which is for uploading files, i.e., Image, PDF, and PPT. When you hit on the PDF option, this will take you to the window to select the location where the intended PDF file is kept. Click on the PDF file, and it will load to open on Aww Whiteboard. After this, click on the drop-down button present on the top left side of the window and select the very first option, i.e., ‘see board’ to view your PDF file on this app.

How do you use Aww app Pinterest?

Aww app has a page on Pinterest, which you can access from here with your Pinterest account. You can create your board there or take advantage of the save board. From the save board option, you can have access to ideas and features for using this app which may help expend its benefits to you.

Aww app user reviews

The app manages to get an average rating of 4.4 from 5 from its user. 91% of its user have positive responses to the utility of this app. 96% of users recommended the Aww app to their social circle. This rating was based on value for money, user-friendliness, features, and support.

One of the engineers mentioned that this app supported him in interacting with his client by drawing and sketching on it. And that too within a conference room without needing him to travel to his clients. Those sketches and drawings he made to demonstrate can later be saved to PDF to send in the meeting minutes. 

This app is helping people from other professions as well, along with teachers and students. For example, for a doctor, Aww makes it easy to provide consultation through live explanation, and as for clients, they don’t need to travel to the doctor and wait for his turn and other issues involved in the process.

As for any flaws the user faces while using the software with navigation on its infinite whiteboard capacity, some users suggested that an Android version of the app be introduced.

Future of Aww app

This app is only supported on Mac and iOS. Aww has collaborated with Miro, which is also an online platform for whiteboarding. The team of Miro is working on the up-gradation for the enhanced working experience of online whiteboard and directly Aww user to Miro. All registered Aww users have access to Miro now, which is intended to divert the traffic till 31st June 2021 completely.


We found the Aww app as an excellent solution for whiteboarding. It is a user-friendly app even for its free trial version. With the outburst of COVID19, the globally spread virus, all the routine activities for business and educational institutes were forced to be executed online. The said situation increased the utility of this app by assisting educational institutes and other professionals through an online platform with a real-time whiteboarding experience.

Aww app has collaborated with Miro to offer its features and services to be executed. Overall, this app has satisfied customers by providing user-friendly and infinite canvas to use and interactive features for drawing, sketching, providing consultation, presenting business models, product visualization, and much more. All together, these features are helping to execute work for everyone in real-time.

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