May 13, 2021

5 ways an administrative executive assistant can help you

How a virtual administrative assistant can helps you grow your business

An administrative executive assistant is considered to be the “right arm” of the heads or directors of any organization. These professionals have come to occupy a vital role in administrative management by providing creativity to projects, solutions to conflicts, and the organization of daily tasks. Though administrative executive assistant is a prominent position in big companies, most of the small businesses are hesitant to invest in administrative executives mainly because they still think they only provide secretarial work. However, the administrative executive assistant role has evolved over the past years, and they offer more excellent resistance to any business than just answering phone calls or compiling some documents. At present, they act as the backbone of the company, boosting morale and productivity despite following their routine.

Benefits of hiring an administrative executive assistant

Increase productivity

With the development of new technologies, many businesses indeed have intelligent tools to handle administrative tasks. But an administrative executive assistant can help you and your company use them and help run them efficiently to increase productivity. It is essential to have a trusted person who can manage your phone lines, handle travel arrangements, maintain your social media presence, and schedule your meetings when necessary so that you can focus on more important and more significant tasks related to your business. Most of the time, these professionals are experienced in different tools and software specially designed to help develop businesses. So having a person who is capable of handling them is an additional asset to the company and thus it increases the productivity of the business.

Keep schedules

You probably heard the expression; time is money. The more time spent on doing a task, the more money it costs. It is handy to have an experienced Administrative Executive Assistant to manage your schedules and appointments efficiently. Suppose you were thinking about the money spent on the Administrative Executive Assistant as an outflow. In that case, it is a kind of investment when considering the service you receive and the amount of money you can save. They can ensure that every project and task is carried out on time, reserve venues and conference rooms for your meetings, and more importantly, they can do the event coordination, which includes food and relevant logistic management. Nevertheless, they can help you to manage your agendas and work on time to get a good impression from the clients, which ultimately helps in developing your business. Apart from that, they can take notes during business meetings, generate charts, summaries and distribute them with the appropriate personnel to use them as input for bringing the business to the next level.

Provide an excellent level of customer service

Clients are the primary source of income for any business. Therefore, companies need to offer excellent customer service to ensure that potential customers don’t get disappointed. The Administrative Executive Assistant can act as the main link between the client and your business. Having an experienced individual who understands your business and professionally interacting with clients brings lots of benefits to your business. Also, having an administrative assistant who interacts with the same client helps in understanding the nature of the client and the help they need, making it useful in providing personalized assistance to them. On behalf of directors and CEOs’, Administrative Executive Assistant can meet third parties, interest groups, etc. to discuss the issues and provide solutions when necessary rather than forwarding them to the higher management which saves lots of time and money.

Take on particular projects and initiatives

It is common to see that there are few occasions where you get different projects and initiatives which don’t fall under any of your departments. When there is no individual to take up that task, it can cause a massive loss to your business. Hence, this is where having an Administrative Executive Assistant helps you to save a substantial amount for the company. These people are trained and possess different skills that suit many domains of your service. They even possess negotiation skills which is an added plus point for your business. Having a person who can do negotiations with vendors saves you lots of money. Hence, these people are more robust in communication skills and administrative abilities to help your business in assisting different clients from all parts of the world.

Build company culture

It doesn’t matter whether you run a small scale, medium scale, or large scale business. It is your employees who bring success to your company. So it is essential to increase employee engagement and provide them with necessary benefits. Thus, it makes the employees satisfied with their job and reduces the turnover rate. Having an administrative assistant who can assist in managing the work power is a massive advantage for the company’s betterment. Most frequently, Administrative Executive Assistant organizes different parties and fun hours online or offline to provide some freedom for the employees to relax a bit and enjoy their time working at your company. As a long-term result, employees will give their best to the company when they are well taken care of. As long as you have an administrative assistant, he/she can take over that responsibility on behalf of you and help make a better company culture to uplift productivity.

Now it is clear that the Administrative Executive Assistant is a vital role in a company. With time, the tasks taken by these professionals have changed immensely. Now they have more complex responsibilities in helping out companies become more profitable, it is always important to find an experienced and capable Administrative Executive Assistant for your business. That is where Stealth Agents has been successful in providing qualified and competent Administrative Executive Assistants to any business.

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