May 5, 2021

12 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Virtual Travel Assistant

Tasks you can outsource to a virtual travel assistant

The virtual assistants of yesterday may have been either Secretaries or administrative assistants, but today that has changed dramatically. Most virtual assistants today are becoming more and more specialized. Of course, the staples such as calendar scheduling, typing letters, and email campaigns are still being done by most virtual assistants, but now VAs can assist you in making travel arrangements. The travel assistant can help you in various ways such as booking flights, researching, booking hotels and hiring cab services, airport transfer, creating Itineraries, answering phone calls, schedule business meetings, managing group booking, and more. In this article, learn about the different tasks you can outsource to a virtual travel assistant.

Flight reservation

A travel virtual assistant manages the flight reservations for you. He will find the best deals for flights, and it depends on your preferences. Your virtual assistant will not only book your flight but also make arrangements for your accommodation. All you need to give him the date and place to visit. He will plan your travel schedule accordingly and book your flight.

Web-check ins

It’s true that making travel plans is not simple. It can be as hard as executing them. It can be irritating for you when you need to make payments, arranging for security check-in and online check-ins for avowing long queues. That’s why hiring a VA can make your traveling experience hassle-free and makes all these arrangements for you.

Carry out research

As a busy businessman, you may not have enough time to find a hotel near the sea or the best tourist spots where you are going. But a savvy VA’s reach can take you a long way and help you find the best flight deals and resort that meet your needs.

Plan itineraries

A travel VA helps you craft personalized daily itineraries for your ideal vacation. He will ensure that you get the most out of your trip with the knowledge of your budgetary limits and preferences.

If you plan to go abroad for summer vacation, your virtual assistant will carry out research on travel insurance, visas, and currency exchange.

Get the best deals on flights and hotels

Of course, you do not have much time to hunt for the cheapest deals on flights and accommodation. Your travel VA can easily do this job for you. All you need to let him know about your preferences and travel budget; he will work his magic. Whether you prefer a business class for travel or a sea view hotel room, a trained professional virtual assistant will make sure that your needs are met.

Hotel booking

Accommodation at the destination that meets your needs is important. If you are going for a business trip, a VA can map various options, track the shortest route to a business conference location and choose the contemporary and comfortable hotel for you. He can be the POC rather than taking plenty of phone calls on your own.

Email management

When you are on vacation, it becomes intimidating to manage the emails that you receive daily in your mailbox. That’s where a virtual assistant can come to your rescue and manage your emails. For instance, he can delete spam mails, answer your emails on your behalf and check promotional emails.

Handle paperwork

When you are on vacation, you don’t have time for paperwork and documentation as well. You can delegate this task to VA, and he will offer you remote support by procuring copies of all documents.

Manage group bookings

If you are planning to travel with a group of people, then it can be daunting for you, especially if you are in charge of making plans. A virtual travel assistant can collect and process all the documents and make a hotel reservation.

Answering phone calls

If you are a businessman, you need to make the calls to your customers and to your team. In addition, operating business activities require you not to keep your phone line close because it might bring about a loss of business opportunity. Share your work-related information with your virtual assistant and ask him to answer phone calls on your behalf. He would make calls, respond to calls and note down important information for you. The best thing is that you don’t need to monitor all the tasks’ progress. He would help keep your business even when you enjoy yourself at the beach.

Sending timely travel plan reminders

If you are going away over the holiday with family, you may have more travel plans with the added headache of making flight bookings and hotels. A VA can take your stress away and coordinate your travel diary, send timely travel plan reminders for organizing your personal travel plans, upcoming events, and more.

Transit arrangement

During a business trip, transit arrangement in the destination city is the cumbersome things to plan. A lot of ride-sharing and cab services offer great deals, but you need to spend some time to find the best deal. Your VA can help you there, too, and help you find the best cab or ride-sharing services. So, you can commute to the destination place without any stress. Even he can also arrange private drivers by making a call to car rental companies.

Who can hire a virtual travel assistant?

Why hire a virtual assistant for your travel planning requirements?

You can choose the virtual assistant for your travel planning based on your requirements. Here at Stealth Agents, you will get access to the services of trained professionals to whom you will delegate travel management and planning tasks. Whether it is booking flight tickets and accommodation or a craft travel itinerary, your VA will do all these tasks remotely.

At Stealth Agents, you can expect high professional and competent virtual assistants and help you providing travel planning and management solutions. The best thing about the whole deal is that it save huge bucks to hire a full-time assistant, plus you get to benefits of a full-time assistant who works from a remote location. Here is some reason that why you should let your VA work for you such as instant travel booking, budget-friendly, continuous assistance while you are on vacation and flexible accommodation and travel options that you like.

How to outsource virtual sssistants?

Outsourcing strategy often starts by identifying the area of business that you can outsource. Afterward, business owners should weigh and compare the cost of having this area sourced out versus the cost of having it done locally or by an in-house employee. One must also consider the long or short-term benefits of one’s business. It would be best to do a comparative analysis with the use of real cost and projected cost to thoroughly analyze its possible result. Once you have achieved this step, you are guaranteed success in business if you follow the best practice in outsourcing.

As a start, you have to hire the best virtual travel assistant you can find in your shortlist of applicants. A well-articulated hiring technique is crucial before signing the contract in hiring any virtual assistant. It is beyond any doubt that getting the lowest possible cost is favorable to any business, but one must also think that hiring the cheapest virtual assistant does not always mean success for your business and your travel needs.

One must try not to base their hiring decision on the cheapest virtual assistant they can find; this may cause you to spend more because you need to re-hire a new virtual assistant to give a better work output than that of the first who gave a substandard result. Consequently, selecting the most appropriate virtual assistant for your business or travel needs is the crucial step to successful outsourcing. The outsourced business area must be supported and contracted legally. This will make sure that both parties can claim damages when the agreement is breached.

Want to try it?

If you are a frequent traveler and decide to hire a travel VA that can take care of your travel planning and management due to excessive workload, then look around at different virtual assistant companies. Hire an experienced VA who can handle tedious tasks related to booking airline tickets, hotel reservations, and more when you are away on a holiday.

Either you need advice on virtual assistant travel management services, or you want to know more about virtual travel assistants, feel free to call us!


There is no doubt that deals and business meetings can go askew if your travel plans come in the way, but the solution is very simple. Hire a travel virtual assistant that can handle all your travel-related tasks, from hotel bookings to planning itineraries and answering phone calls to transit arrangements. An experienced VA can easily handle all your travel needs and can meet every requirement.

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