List of alternatives to Microsoft Planner

9 Great Alternatives To Microsoft Planner

If you are looking for some handy alternatives to Microsoft Planner, you may not have to browse the entire internet or download various project management software to analyze which one best suits your needs. 

This read will give you a sneak peek into some tools that might serve as the best alternatives to Microsoft Planner. 

Here is the list:

  2. Asana
  3. Wrike
  4. GanttPro
  5. Forecast Pro
  6. ProjectManager
  7. Trello
  8. ClickUp
  9. Smartsheet

Before looking into why these planning tools are useful for you, let’s know a bit about Microsoft Planner

What is Microsoft Planner

It is the latest edition of Office Suite that serves as a Kanban-based project management tool. This can design, organize, and schedule activities for your management team. It is relatively easy to assign tasks and create plans. 

It is accessible if you have any of these four plans of Office 365. Enterprise Plans (E1, E3, E5), Office Education Plans, Office Business Essentials, and Office Business Premium.

Let’s have a look at how all the above-mentioned alternatives are great alternatives to Microsoft Planner.

Alternatives to Microsoft Planner might not have the most advanced project management tools in these alternatives, but it’s effortless to use. It is a desktop app that is both visually appealing yet simply outlaying the features to design the sequence of work that needs to be done. 

This is one of those alternatives to Microsoft Planner, which does not require you to remember hefty formulas to do spreadsheet work. Unlike Microsoft Planner, it allows you to use intuitive tools to build the timelines of work. This tool can plan work for your team in no time. 

You can have spreadsheets, can map, lists, Kanban board, or other views. It allows the sharing, exporting, and storing of files.

The only downside is that you can’t make Gantt charts with this app. However, you can make intuitive timelines that will allow your teammates to make comments and even write the teammate’s name that has to do the assigned task. 

If you take more complex projects, there is a thing for you to discuss. 


It is a very advanced tool for project management, and unlike it can handle complex projects and tasks very quickly. Like all the other alternatives to Microsoft Planner, it helps to assign tasks and build timelines; however, it also helps make the assigned work automated. 

You can have a custom field about all the work you are planning with your team, and they can automatically upgrade the sheet when the job is done. It has a centralized system of file sharing and storing that makes it very easy to auto-upgrade fields. 

Asana can help you manage workflow through the automation of project charts. It is how you make the workflow easy to understand. 

It is not as effective in team collaboration and meetings as in Wrike. Let’s discuss that now. 


This app is also a convenient tool as an alternative to Microsoft Planner. Wrike is an award-winning app and provides one-stop-solution to your project planning needs. It comes with traditional spreadsheets, Kanban board, Gantt chart, and timeline view to manage your workflow smartly. 

Wrike has various features that include assigning tasks, subtasks, schedules, file sharing, and real-time communication and collaboration. 

It has a very easy-to-use interface that can help you interact and navigate using distinct spaces, folders, and tasks. You can move between the home screen, dashboard, worksheets, and other notifications and activities quickly.

It also has a help center that assists with training, videos, a “Getting Started Guide,” etc. You can also export, import, and share files through a centralized sharing system that works perfectly to engage all design plans. 

To have better workflow management, you can also see the one discussed below. 


If you are looking for designing workflows that allow you to integrate both timelines and tasks assigned in a nice and intuitive way, GanttPRO might be your bait. 

GanttPRO is not just a powerful substitute for Microsoft planner; it an all-purpose project management tool to enhance your collaborations. It does both resource allocation/ management and budgeting. With this application, you can add a lot of things to the charts. 

You can use work status, priorities, dates, deadlines, work progress, develop and manage coherence, and task dependencies. Using all these features through an automated process is also an essential feature of this project management app. 

There is an integrated feature that connects your task to a border task. However, for better forecasting, short-term, and long-term, you can have a project management tool called Forecast.

Forecast Pro

Forecast Pro is a promising combination of making Gantt charts that serve both short-term and long-term targets. This helps in developing interactive Gantt charts through its full suite of project management tools.

It is built on an artificial intelligence system, and the interface is highly interactive. It manages thousands of projects through one desktop app and is used by big organizations. It turns thousands of projects into a single list of tasks assigned to each for a short period. You can also design short-term goals, assign them to different teams, and set an estimated deadline or delivery time. 

Teammates can also comment to collaborate on a task. One of this desktop app’s unique features is to run a profitability analysis of each lesson and forecast the overall revenue generated by projects. 

A highly recommendable desktop project management tool if you like to monitor your revenue. To have some more in-depth insight into project management, you can check the below app. 

ProjectManager is a renowned app with an intuitive solution to your every problem: managing tasks, creating reports, managing timesheets, allocating costs, and distributing workloads.

It is primarily a Gantt chart application, but you can also have a task list and Kanban board views for different plans. This makes your real-time reporting collaborations very easy. You can also communicate in-app your comments and status on a task. 

It is a handy app that integrates with Gmail, Google Drive, etc. To see to further boost team productivity with remote setups, let’s have a look at one of the thriving alternatives to Microsoft Planner. 


Trello is an excellent resolution to your problem if you are looking for something that manages a project of remote setups. Home-based working is now widespread, and this is where project management tools like Trello come in that work as suitable planners. 

Trello is very good at making workflow sheets and planners that help the home-based teams to collaborate. It helps you through cards on a board to manage your work. You can add the task, assign tasks, and manage tasks using a panel of cards that help everyone interact. You can tag timelines, estimated time for the job, and deadlines.  


It is a convenient planning tool in all the alternatives to Microsoft Planner. One app may solve your every worry to plan, manage, and follow a project. It is not just a good alternative but can assist you in a myriad of things. 

Its features start from a to-do list, time tracking to resource management, and gives you a 360-degree view of your team plans. It also designs a goal tracking system that reminds or alerts you of all the missed targets and what needed to be achieved ahead in the plan. 

The team can use various spreadsheets for its work, and these can t be linked to the goal tracking of each project via automated integration. 

ClickUp serves all and hence is one of the highest-ranking in project planning. 

Now we move to an alternative that is lesser used but has significant potential as a great alternative to Microsoft Planner.


The is very similar to MS Project among all the alternatives to Microsoft Planner. Smartsheet is an online planning software that has spreadsheets and manages team collaboration. It offers few basic features like setting up tasks, subtasks, assigning tasks and developing timelines. 

This online app also has Gantt charts with different templates, colors, and fonts. This helps in managing workflow and work distribution. Your team also gets a notification on critical changes immediately. This app offers tabs to share views, follow history, manage deadlines, and assign status to keep everyone aligned and informed. 


Keeping in view the 9 great alternatives to Microsoft planner, you may see they all serve different purposes in different project planning domains. If we keenly look into some, they might seem to exceed the expectations we have from a project planner due to their highly interactive features.

Some of the planners are just the right blend for your home-based and office-based team planning needs. 

If you are looking for one of these, you check their websites to look at their exclusive features and know the different pricing plans they have for you.

Though MS Project is enough as a business planner, if you would like to use something that adds similar productivity to your planning, Get up and checks this beefy list!

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